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Dearu Fruit Farm Tour & Travel. What do you think of Asia Myanmar Travel & Tours Pte Ltd? One of Myanmar's leading tour operators. REAL ASIA MYANMAR TRAVELS & TOURS. Asia is one of the oldest and most established travel companies in Myanmar.

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We were in Myanmar from November 7 to 22, 2013. As we did not want to go with a large group of other tourists, we agreed to organise the journey ourselves and directly contact the Yangon, Myanmar itinerary. As Myanmar's global hospitality industry is still in its infancy, we were prepared to deal with issues, both in communicating with the organizer and during the itinerary.

For this reason we have decided to use True Asia Myanmar (TAM). We have been working with this firm on our trip in online modus for several months and are adapting the programme to all our needs. At the end we had a rather complex trip with 5 internal trips, often changing of hotel, guidebooks and towns, several transfer.... and on none of these footsteps we are confronted with any misunderstandings and difficulties.

We didn't see her in Yangon, but we would like to thank her again, hopefully she will be reading this feedback. Burma is lovely and marvellous! We visited Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Inle, Ngapali. Finally, I would like to concentrate on Myanmar's goodwill. I would like to thank True Asia Maynmar, all the leaders and riders we met and Christine, who really help us to get to know this beauty!

Without a doubt I highly recommended True Asia Myanmar to all those who have a great holiday and want to be received by a professional people!

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For a long period of my life I had been looking for a good and appropriate travel route and agent on-line. So we were concerned and asked ourselves if the Myanmar leader and chauffeur of this agent would really be there to meet us at the airfield and take us on the described trip.

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