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With the greeting "Mingalaba" we welcome the people in Myanmar. Journey Myanmar with Think Asia Travel. Myanmar Travel expert, we have tailored your best holiday in Myanmar. Myanmar Global Asia Travels & Tours Co. All our tours are designed with the comfort and pleasure of our customers.

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Myanmar Travels & Tours Co, Ltd. in Kyauktada, Yangon Myanmar

ORGANIZATIONS: 10 GOOD GROUNDS TO DECIDE TO TRAVEL TO ASIA! Founded in 2009, with over 18 years of travel sector expertise, Tru Asia Myanmar is one of the country's premier travel authorities. If you travel with us, we strive to offer you more than a tour of the beautiful monuments, panoramas, museums in Myanmar - even if you will see them.

We' d like to present the Myanmar population and give you the opportunity to get up close and personal with our country's population. You are encouraged to reconnect with the local population, sharing a grin, a talk and a remember. Our travel service offering ranges from customized hotels and flight reservations to complete packages.

Knowing how important your travel itineraries are, our goal is to take charge of the detail so you can concentrate on getting the most out of your itinerary. Our travel experts will take good charge of your travel needs. Headquartered in the United States, we are a proud member of UMTA (Union of Myanmar Travel Association) and licenced by the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism.

Myanmar's best experiences are YOUR OWNERSHIP!

With the greeting "Mingalaba" we welcome the peoples of Myanmar.

With the greeting "Mingalaba" we welcome the peoples of Myanmar. Our tour managers are all very seasoned and have been working in the tourism sector since 1994. We' ve organised a regular classical tour, simple and comfortable, just sit back and watch more..... Burma is located between two great and old civilisations of the globe.....

Plan our familiy tours with enjoyment and cultural exchanges..... Visiting an untouched landscape for which we have the advantages of being sustainable..... Burma is a profoundly spiritual nation with a rich and varied story..... Cruise the scenery along the powerful Ayeyarwaddy Riviera on cruise ships..... A beach tour as a unique tour for those who want to finally unwind.....

Number 30/b, Room 10, fourth floor, Yaw Min Gyi Road, Dagon Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

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