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Hello everyone, just a quick, someone has experience with True Asia Myanmar Travel Agents. As most countries of Southeast Asia, Myanmar's people and history are a glorious mishmash of settlers and invaders from all fronts. Diseases / Asia / Myanmar. Burma Vaccination & Travel Health Information. The photo tour will enhance your skills and offer you a unique travel experience.

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So we were concerned and asked ourselves if the Myanmar leader and chauffeur of this agent would really be there to meet us at the airfield and take us on the described trip.

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Burma is Asia's newest and most fresh treat, a land that welcomes only a small percentage of its neighbors. This is where the attraction is, though the towns and places are as captivating as in other parts of Asia, traveling in Myanmar is invigoratingly crowded and the spirit of adventures is no less than inspiring.

Yangon and Mandalay are still very different, relatively unaffected by modernization and with marvellous gold sanctuaries sparkling in the sun. Lake Inle is an example of the beautiful Myanmar landscape, while Ngapali and Mergui Archipelago, an award-winning sandy beaches and thinly inhabited archipelago, provide stunning dazzling sundowns.

Burma is still a country of tradition and authenticity and no one can say how much longer it will remain so charming - now is the right moment to leave. Have a look at some of the best travel routes in Myanmar - all strongly advised by our travellers. It' a place to be visited and flying balloons is probably the best way to appreciate the size of the temple and shrine area.

andalay is known as the city of Myanmar's main city. Myanmar's trading capitol is Yangon. The second biggest one in the state, Inle Shores is an important resource for fish, irrigated waters, fruit and vegetable, transportation and touring. Myanmar travel FAQs & useful travel guides for your itinerary.

Will I need a Myanmar Visas? Foreign nationals visiting Myanmar can request a pre-trip or arrivals visas at the international airports from an embassy/consulate. You should bring a must-have travel document, airline ticket, photo portraits and gift certificates (if any) with you on your return to the airfield to complete the necessary document.

Myanmar's E-Visa system now applies to most areas, even the Thai-Myanmar borders at Mae Sai/Tachileik, Mae Sot/Myawaddy and Ranong/Kawthaung; for other borders, you must apply for a regular hardcopy priori. The Myanmar Permit allows you to stay 28 nights within Myanmar after you have flown to the international airports or crossed the Thai frontier.

Travellers from Brunei, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines can arrive without a valid entry permit for up to 14 consecutive weeks. Because of the delicate policy conditions in some of Burma's frontier areas, it is currently only possible to move overland between Myanmar and Thailand. Travelling across India (in Moreh, State of Manipur) will require a separate permit for your visas; Bangladesh, Laos and China are currently a foreign nation.

Please see the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population of Myanmar or call our travel planner for more information. In contrast to the neighbors Laos and Thailand, the Myanmar hotel is relatively pricey, also because of the missing supply. Fortunately, the land is growing rapidly and there are more reputable properties with estimated rates and service that are currently coming onto the island.

Myanmar's Big 4, Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan and Inle Lake are the only towns that have high-end real estate like Sandoway or The Governor's Residence. There is a large selection of US $150 - $250 establishments in a good position, both in the style of hospitality and resorts.

Fundamental shop properties from US $60 to $100 are in China style, multi-storey block construction with simple rooms with private bathrooms away from the galleries. What transports can be used for my Myanmar-journey? Japanesese-style cabs are the most comfortable means of transportation for visiting Burma.

A number of disadvantages exist for internal aviation. It' also not possible to buy your ticket on-line, although some companies, such as Mandalay Airport, allow you to make on-line bookings and then make payment as soon as you arrive in the state. Myanmar's airline companies include: Name of the airline, KBZ, Air Mandalay, Golden Myanmar Airline, Myanmar National Airline, Union Express Charter Airline, Yangon Airways, Anatolia.

In Myanmar, meals are usually prepared with the freshest foods, often with vegetable used with exotic fruit. Because of the richness of fruit and vegetable in Myanmar's cuisine, and the element of Myanmar Buddhism, vegetarian cuisine is generally well supplied, alcohol is the most consumed in Myanmar for rums and whiskies, while local toddies are also widely available and wines can be found in upscale dining and hotel establishments.

Plain open-air alcoholic beverage serving establishments are known as breweries and can be found in the street areas of Myanmar's surrounding area. Usually serving one of the country's finest fine teas, they are at the core of Myanmar's beverage scene, where local residents get together, chat, dine, drink and have fun in one of the country's most popular leisure activities and experience Europe's game.

For Myanmar Travels, what are the health practises? Contaminated waters pose the greatest threat to people. Fruit should be skinned before consumption and uncooked food should be excluded, unless you have already cleaned it yourself. My Myanmar: What are the security advisories for my Myanmar journey? Is there any custom in Myanmar I should know?

Our representatives in Asia (Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos) as well as in Europe (Germany) enable our teams to co-ordinate well on site and to respond quickly to local issues. Myanmar: Why shouldn't I make all my own bookings for Myanmar? Since we receive favourable prices from the hotel and accomodation partner, the overall costs are cheaper or only slightly more expensively for you than with a direct reservation.

There are assisting South-East Asian residents or those who have travelled a lot as they can help you build your own tour according to your timetable and choice of activity, accommodation and time. After submitting the request for my Myanmar voyage, what happens? You will get detailed information about the itineraries and offers within 24 to 48 working hrs.

Once confirmed, you only need to make a 30% down-payment to enable your travel agent to begin booking your hotel, guide and other service. An individual travel organiser takes charge of all the necessary travel arrangements until the end of your holiday and you are back home confident.

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