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Corresponding to the Center for Disease Control, Northwest Arkansas has the second highest population of those living with the condition in the state. Arkansas Daily news, politics and entertainment. Arkansas students talk about what it's really like in their schools in exchange for anonymity. Weather forecast and conditions for Little Rock, Arkansas and surrounding area. KNWA TV is the NBC-connected television channel for Northwest Arkansas and the Arkansas River Valley.

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Arkansas Supreme Court last week overruled Pulaski County Judge Wendell Griffen's March writ which nullified the award of the state of five pot planting permissions and said the district courthouse had no dispute resolution in the case. Both the Arkansas Department of Human Services and the Office of Medicaid Inspector General moved Medicaid payments to one of the state's biggest behavioural healthcare provider Friday, June 29, hrs after arresting a former executive vice president. a...

Over the last two years the observer has been lying around in the sack for at least one or two days a month, wondering if I have neglected to get my boy, as my dad has been preparing me, ready for what might reasonably come in this horrible new time. Mr Frattini, I am deeply indignant at what has taken place at our south frontier as a result of actions by the Chairman and the Prosecutor-General.

The reaction of former Trump campaigns director Corey Lewandowski to the breakup of a Down Sydney maid from her parents on our south frontier will appear for years in documentary films about the Trump age. In the meantime, we have all seen you take after takes from reporters and policymakers about the falls last Friday evening at Red Hen in Lexington, Virginia, where White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked to vacate the inn after the proprietor and personnel ruled that they did not want to minister to them.

The Arkansas prison blotter last weeks added a few more nicknames of so-called officials. Daily deployments are producing much of the cause for hysteria, but I fear the Supreme Court's retiring Anthony M. Kennedy is not going to be much cause for either the misery or the cheering of the past few weeks.

Supposing that the White House is mistaken on the side of reason, Democrats may not be able to elect President Trump's Supreme Court from being upheld.

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