Area of Myanmar in Square Kilometers

Square kilometre area of Myanmar

Burma, formerly known as Burma, is the land of human origin. The Centre supports Myanmar's transition from military rule to democracy. Bengal Gulf and Adman Sea are the southern borders of the country. Burma is a nation in Southeast Asia, formerly known as Burma. While the coastal region is known as Sub-Myanmar, the inner region is known as Upper-Myanmar.

Municipal area (kmĀ²)

The area of the city in terms of squares, calculated from a mixture of people, settlements and the existence of nighttime lights. Territories are city areas in which continuous illuminated cell from the night light or approximate city extensions are specified on the basis of cushioned settlements for which the overall populations are greater than 5,000 people.

Myanmar facts

Burma is located in southeastern Asia and borders China to the Northeast and Northwest, Laos and Thailand to the Easterly and Southeastern regions, the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal to the Southern regions and Bangladesh and India to the Western regions. Covering an area of 677,000 sq km (261,228 sq miles), the land stretches 936 km (581 miles) from East to West and 2,051 km (1,275 miles) from East to the South.

Myanmar's area is 678,500 square kilometers, with 657,740 square kilometers of the country and 20,760 square kilometers of rain. Neighbouring states are Bangladesh 193 km, China 2,185 km, India 1,463 km, Laos 235 km and Thailand 1,800 km. Burma has three peak periods, with the hottest, rainy and coldest periods of the year.

Hottest period is from March to May, rainfall is from June to October and colder from November to February. Mostly overcast, wet, warm, humid and less overcast, little rain, moderate temperature, less air moisture in winters. Burma is abundant in indigenous mineral sources such as oil, wood, pewter, anti-money, zinc, cupper, wolfram, plumb, coal, a little bit of marmor, lime, gems, natural gaz, water power.

Burma consists of 135 domestic breeds, the most important of which are Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Chin, Bamar, Mon, Rakhine and Shan. Citizenship is Myanmar. More than 100 ethnical groups exist in Myanmar. Myanmar is the primary country of origin, but ethnical minorities have their own nationalities.

Some 40 million years ago, the first Primate, now known as Pondaung Man, lived in Pondaung in the north of Myanmar. By the third millennium BC, Myanmar was united into one powerful kingdom. Myanmar's first kingdom was founded by King Anawrahta of the Bagan Dynasty (1044-1077 AD). Myanmar's second kingdom was founded by King Bayinnaung of the Taungoo Dynasty (1551-1581 AD).

Myanmar's third empire was headed by King Alaungpaya of the Konbaung Dynasty (1752-1760 AD). The three great monarchs were known in the story of Myanmar for their courage and good manners. 1885 King Thibaw, Queen Supaya Latt and the King's household were brought to Ratanagiri, India and Myanmar.

From 1885 to 1948 Myanmar became a colony of Britain. Bangladesh is in the west, India in the northwest, China in the northeast, Laos and Thailand in the east. Local currency is the Kyat. Knitted jacket or lightweight backpack for the cold seasons and quick-drying clothing and an rainshade.

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