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A region full of culture and history, in the immediate vicinity are the ancient capitals Inwa and Sagaing as well as the charming hill town Pyin U Lwin. Summary: The main objective of this research is to establish an environmental profile in the central dry zone of Myanmar due to the harsh climatic conditions. I' d like to visit the "conventional route" and some remote areas. Treecoverage in Myanmar compared to other areas. A young mother, Daung Yi lives in the dry zone of Myanmar, where clean water is scarce, vegetation thin and soil dry and eroded.

No Go Regions & Restrictions for travelers in Myanmar

This article explains our argumentation about ethic travel: Ethnical and worship conflict in Myanmar makes travelling to these areas hazardous - and inadmissible. Myanmar's authorities retain stringent controls over all parts of the state. Fortunately, the Myanmar authorities keep a complete listing of places and areas to which they are allowed to visit.

What could you do if you dare to enter a prohibited area? When you have entered a prohibited area without knowing it, the local people will probably call the cops - who will come sooner than you would have expected - to tell you that you should not be there. Irrespective of whether you pretend not to know or whether you really had no clue, the cops will accompany you to a railway or airfield to make sure you are leaving the area safe.

They not only take a big chance, but also their ressources are restricted - don't spend the cops stupidly. Explore before you head off the well-trodden paths in the north of Myanmar. To be sure, please visit the Myanmar authorities website. Scenic cities like Katha - home of George Orwell, where he wrote the famed novel "Burmese Days" - are open to aliens and secure for touring.

The Kachin area is a particularly attractive place for enthusiastic walkers and extremes of sport such as canoeing. Whilst the scenery up there is unparalleled, it will be one of the most costly areas in Myanmar. One of Myanmar's largest hotspots for tourists, the Inle Sea, is located in shan state.

The Shan state is the biggest in Myanmar, and its mere magnitude and length of conflict lines are the major cause of problems. A number of areas towards the border with China and Laos are still closed, but there are still many places where you can go in safety. The line runs by rail over the Goteik viaduct - an engineer giant of its time and an important Myanmar symbol.

Aside from these itineraries, the most popular Shan country walk leads from Kalaw to Inle Lake, which is a 1-3 days walk through countryside and countryside as well. Many areas of Myanmar continue to suffer from racial tension and military conflicts. The persistent dispute can have an impact on your holiday policy. It' important that you know your government's Myanmar trip instructions generally if you are traveling to a place your administration says you should not, your trip health care will be at risk.

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