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Archipelago list by number of islands, islets, reefs, coral reefs and cays: The Top 10 of the world's largest archipelagoes This is the 10 biggest archipelago in the whole wide globe. Archipelago within the archipelago, which may be bigger for others on the shoreline, have not been considered (e.g. the Philippine archipelago, which belongs to the Malaysia archipelago, is much bigger than New Zealand, the Antilles, Svalbard and others). It is a singular archipelago, although it is not one of the biggest in the whole wide underworld.

It' an artificial archipelago of 300 isles, which represent the land masses of the earth. Situated 4 km off the Dubai UAE coastline. The archipelago of Severnaya Zemlya or Northern Land is situated in the high arctic of Russia. The archipelago is the last archipelago on earth to be explored.

The area of the island is 37.000 km with 4 main and 70 smaller isles. Svalbard is an archipelago in the Arctic Ocean covering 61,022 km and is the most northern part of Norway. The archipelago lies about halfway between the North Pole and the Norwegian continent. Svalbard, Nordaustlandet and Edgeoya are the 3 biggest of them.

Situated in the Arctic Ocean. Novaya Zemlya's two biggest isles are Severny and Yuzhny. It has a surface of 90.650 km². The Antilles archipelago is made up of the Greater and Lesser Antilles. One archipelago within the Greater Antilles is that of the Pacific Ocean. The archipelago within the Lesser Antilles includes the Leeward Isles, the Windward Isles and the Leeward Antilles.

The Antilles are in the Caribbean and are part of the Americas in geographical terms, but also in Latin America in cultural terms. New Zealand is number 74 in the rest of the word as a nation and number 6 in the archipelago with 268,021km². Situated in the Pacific Ocean with two major land masses and numerous smaller isles.

This archipelago's two biggest islets are the North Island and the South Island. With an area of 315,134 square kilometres, the British Isles are the fifth biggest archipelago in the run. The archipelago within the British Isles includes the Channel Isles, Hebrides, Isles of Siclly, Orkney and Shetland. British Isles includes Great Britain and Ireland as well as more than 6,000 smaller isles.

Ireland, which belongs to the archipelago, in particular, rejects the use of the word "British Isles". Japan ranks number 61 of the world's biggest countries as a nation, but is the fourth biggest archipelago with an area of 377,944km². Japan's archipelago is in the Pacific.

The New Archipelago, situated in the Pacific Ocean just off Australia, covers an area of 786,000km². After Greenland, New Guinea is the second biggest of the islands in the whole wide Northwest. The Arctic Archipelago of Canada is the second biggest archipelago in the run. The archipelago within the Arctic archipelago includes the Belcher Islands and the Queen Elizabeth Islands. It' is also generally called' Arctic Archipelago'.

There are many archipelago islets, and they are divided from the continent by a range of navigable routes known as Northwestern Passages. The Arctic Archipelago is home to three of the ten biggest inhabited island groups in the Arctic. With an area of about 2 million km², the biggest archipelago in the whole wide area of the globe is the archipelago of Malaysia.

The archipelago within the Malaysia archipelago includes Indonesia, Maluku archipelago, Philippines and Sunda islets. Other archipelagoes exist within the Philippine archipelago and the Sunda Isles. Situated between the Southeast Asian continent and Australia is the biggest archipelago in the word with 25,000 isles. The New Guinea, the second biggest isle in the whole archipelago, is not always part of the definition of the Malai archipelago.

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