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See the Arab News Newspaper on the iPad. Arab News, based in Riyadh, is the leading English-language daily newspaper in the Middle East. Both Arab reporters and politicians believe that their political discourses on the Middle East conflict are objective, correct and credible. I made these collages when I lived in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Every morning the challenge is to meet the needs of the various cultural communities that make up the diverse population of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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A blue whale that inspires anxiety in the Saudi Arabian heartland.

However, behind these monitors lie risks - unfamiliar and annoying characteristics of the web that cannot always be recognized - and kids are most at risk. Since two years the concept "blue whale game" appears more and more in online newspapers. It is not available on the Apple Store or in retail outlets.

Nicknamed after the stranding of bluewhales, a naturally occurring phenomena through which the large animals end their life, the match means the same thing - a fatal end to the match. One former Russians psychologist Philipp Budeikin, 21, is said to have been evicted from college after he claimed he created the play to "cleanse" the community and free it from "biological waste".

Or in other words, loot at the weaker and the weaker and those with low self-esteem, and force them to death. In the past year, a match "Administrator" was condemned to three years in prison in Russia after he pleads guilty to persuading 16 teens to commit suicide. It is a 50-day, 50-day challenge that invites individuals to demonstrate their dedication or willingness to take risks and become a social parai.

It' a brainwashing teenage girl that forces her to do horrible things, even self-harm. Challenging from lipo trimming to sculpting the form of a bluewhale in the arms, the workshop encourages the students to progressively bow to the administrator's wishes and ends in a global commotion.

The number of self-inflicted fatalities in the area has increased this year. At the beginning of April, the 18-year-old boy of a former Egypt deputy, Hamdy Al-Fakhrany, is said to have been a casualty of the suicidal series. After a few weeeks, a 17-year-old woman from the town of Sohag in Egypt burned down her house and killed her mom and her handicapped sibling in a presumed match-up.

This year, up to 10 young people are accused of having committed suicide in Egypt. India, the US, the UK, Brazil and Bangladesh have also announced alleged Blue Whale related fatalities. Preliminary evidence suggests that the Blue Whale attack caused the injuries. Speaking to the news station Al-Ekhbariya, the boy's dad acknowledged his son's murder, but said that Blue Whale was not implicated, but something similar.

Al Ahmari said he was conscious of his child's obsession with the match, but did not see any changes in his behaviour. Increasingly afraid of blue whales and similar matches in the UAE and Egypt, a headmaster at a Jeddah girls' college said she was planning to increase consciousness of the perils of the games.

By inviting them to be alert, pediatric professionals and pediatric practitioners were asked to talk to the kids about the importance of preventing play that "doesn't really touch " and with the kids about how they can identify behavioural changes in their kids. It is not clear how kids will find the Blue Whale experience, as there are no web sites or portable applications.

Egypt's National Telecom Regulatory Authority last months said it was prohibiting the blue whale's challenge from on-line sourcing. Also the UAE regulatory authority has forbidden the match.

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