It is the only coastal city in Jordan and the largest and most populous city on the Gulf of Aqaba. At Aqaba you can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of a small town and a popular local excursion. Images and texts that illuminate the ancient site of Aqaba (Aila) Aqaba are a great place to linger if you are planning to visit Wadi Rum.

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In 1986, the mediaeval site was unearthed by a University of Chicago group. Artifacts are now exhibited in the Aqaba Archaeological Museum and the Jordan Archaeological Museum in Amman. The town was enrolled in a 170 145 x 145 square fastened meter square with the 2 partitions. 24 turrets were defending the town.

There were four gateways on all four sides of the town, which defined two major cross sections in the centre. At the beginning of the sixteenth millennium, the old fortress was reconstructed by the Al-Ashraf Qansuh Al-Ghuri as an Aqaba fortress. In 1925 Aqaba was transferred to the Transjordan Protection Agency. It has a dessert environment with a mild winters and summers that are cool and arid.

Red Sea Summit in Aqaba in 2003. Aqaba benefits from its position and privileged position as Jordan's SEZ and is built on the tourist and ports industries. 3 ][6] Aqaba' s GDP is growing faster than the country' s GDP as a whole. A number of investment projects and crafts are exempt from tax under the SEZ regime, resulting in new resort, residential and commercial development.

Novel properties such as Tala Bay and Saraya al Aqaba are being built to provide local residents and non-residents with quality holiday and housing. Since 2001, when the Special Economic Zone was founded, more than 20 billion US dollars have been spent on Aqaba. In addition to tourist development activities, Aqaba has also drawn international logistical firms such as APM Terminals and Agility to investment in logistical operations, strengthening the city's position as a transportation and logistical centre.

Aqaba has many hotel facilities, but new ones are also underway. As Aqaba is the only port in Jordan, practically all Jordanian export is done from here. Even the heavyduty equipment sector is thriving in the town, with local assembling facilities in Aqaba, such as the Land Rover Aqaba Assembling Plant.

A $10 billion Marsa Zuayed is the biggest mixed-use mega-development ever planned in both Jordan and the surrounding area, and is set to become a vibrant centre for trade, travel and housing. With this new cruising port, the Red Sea is set to become a major tourist attraction.

araya Aqaba, a $1.5 billion spa with an artificial lake, luxurious hotel, villa and townhouse that will be finished by 2017. Completion of this process will be by 2017. The present harbour of Aqaba will be located in the most southern part of the county near the Saudian frontier. It will cost 5 billion dollars and will be finished by 2013.

It will be linked by the railway system, which will be finished by 2013. Aqaba will be linked to all major Jordanian towns and business centres as well as to several Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Syria. There are a number of luxurious properties in Aqaba, among them the Tala Bay Estate 20 km further down the coast, which serves those who come for beach holidays and scuba dives.

Jordanians from the northern hemisphere, especially Amman and Irbid, stream to the luxurious resort and sand beach of Aqaba during the holiday season. An Aqaba was selected to site a new shore projection scheme that would reconstruct Aqaba with new artificial aquatic facilities, new apartment and commercial towers and more tourism facilities to put Aqaba on the land of investments and challenging other shore projection centres throughout the area.

In 2011, the town of Aqaba has one of the highest demographic increases in Jordan, and only 44% of the town' s housing was constructed before 1990. 46 ] A survey for Aqaba was conducted by the Statistical Office of Jordan in 2007, the overall populace of Aqaba was 98,400.

Estimated 2011 demographic is 136,200. Results of the nationwide comparison of the results of the census are given as follows: Aqaba' s housing consists of 4 floors, of which the building is clad with either sand-stone or chalk. There are no skyscrapers in the town, but the Marsa Zayed plan is to transform this situation by building several skyscraper skyscrapers with hotel, housing, office and clinic facilities.

Aqaba' s biggest archaeological heritage is the Archaeological Musuem of Aqaba. Recently Aqaba has seen a great expansion of its night life, especially during the dramatically increasing number of tourists in the 2000s. Aqaba rail system is used only for freight transport and no longer works for travellers, except for the Wadi Rum itinerary.

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