Apply Myanmar Visa in Singapore

Myanmar Visa Application in Singapore

Myanmar visa from Singapore can be obtained in two ways: The first option is to apply directly to the Embassy of Myanmar in Singapore at the following address:. Your stay in Myanmar is limited to four weeks from the date of arrival. Ambassadorship of the Republic of Myanmar, Singapore. Any Singaporean can apply for a tourist or business visa to Myanmar.

Can I apply for a Myanmar visa in Singapore?

Recently I came back from a journey to Myanmar, where I was in a travel group and couldn't do much alone. First, however, there is a guideline for Myanmar visa applications in Singapore. As I was informed that I could go to Myanmar, I only had less than 2 week before my leave, so I had to deal with my visa now.

When I went to the Swiss government's foreign office, I came to the conclusion that it is really simpler and less expensive to hire a tour operator. There is a visa charge of SGD 35, but there is a secret SGD 10 administrative charge that you are not told about. Because of the embassy's unsuitable position and the opening times of visa applications are insane, you should simply reserve your cab fare and have your visa processed at a travelling agents.

You can find the visa applications here. Myanmar Embassy's website is quite simple and will email you with everything you need to do. We now have an on-line scheduling system where you have to make an appointement to visit the Swiss diplomatic missions.

There may be things that you need to be prepared but don't have at your fingertips, so I suggest an additional tag to fill in the paper. They would not refuse my visa because my head was brushed in another way. Once you have made your appointments, the message will e-mail you some documentation that you will need to have printed out.

It will take a little longer because there are a number of things you need to have. In addition to the SGD 35 visa charges, please take an additional SGD 10 with you to the Swiss Post office, as you will have to cover the processing surcharge. Some of them said to be at the message before 8am, while others said to come before 9am.

At 8.15 a.m. I reached the dispatch and stood in line at the foreigners' residence. At 8.30 a.m. the desks were put into operation, although the form said that the opening hours were 9 a.m. Anything that' fast looks good on me. The man at the ticket office said I could pick up my visa in the evenings.

Visas should be available on the same date unless your request looks suspect. When my visa was collected, my nurse assisted me so that I didn't have to take a taxi to the German ambassadors. With all the difficulties, I suggest that you apply for your visa through a tourist agency.

There is no need to take your while to apply, and it could only be SGD 20 additional (which is less than the cab fee to and from the message twice). Whilst my visa request and my journey was a hit, I have been hearing tales about those who could not get a visa to Myanmar.

Hopefully you will have a trouble-free trip with your visa request before you fly to Myanmar!

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