Apply Myanmar Visa

Myanmar Visa Application

Before entering Myanmar, we will assist you in word and deed and check your application: foreigners who wish to enter Myanmar require a valid visa. Note: Malaysians can apply to Ever Fine Services for a tourist visa to Myanmar. Apply for Myanmar Visa What is the procedure for applying for a Myanmar visa? Any foreigner who visits Myanmar needs a visa to travel to the Philippines with a current one. The Myanmar visa can be validated at various embassies and councils around the globe.

Tourists visa, commercial visa and other kinds of visa, such as social visa, can be requested with ease.

The cost of a touristic visa is $20 per request and per capita. When submitting your resume, please review the precise prerequisites. ARRIVAL VISA: THE VISA CAN BE STAMPED ON ARRIVAL AT YANGON WITH A PRE-ARRANGED VISA ON ARRIVAL BY A LICENSED TOUR ORGANISER WITH WHOM YOU HAVE RESERVED THE TRIP.

We must have all of the following information and documentation at least 21 working nights before your flight to Myanmar. A copy of the permit will be sent to you upon receipt of the permit from the relevant ministry. You will need to complete and sign two copy of the entry visa applications together with the copy of the visa on entry, two photo passports and $30 for the visa charge.

This visa is non-renewable for a 28-day period.

Obtaining a visa to Myanmar

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