Apply for Myanmar Evisa

Application for Myanmar Evisa

The Myanmar visa came into force on arrival (Myanmar Evisa) and have allowed Myanmar to apply online for years. You travel to Myanmar and want to apply for the Myanmar eVisa online? Myanmar's government now allows online application for tourist visas. How long does it take to get an e-visa for Myanmar? You can trust the experts with your Myanmar eVisa application.

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You may not be able to apply for a visa without flying information while booking a room later. You are not sure what happens if you enter any of your information into the app and fly on another one. This will allow you to make your reservation first and apply for a visa, while you can make a reservation for a room in a later time.

Yes, you can apply for an e-visa if you have not yet made your reservation. At the very least, give the name of your planned accommodation. It'?s no big deal. Visas must be applied for one or two weeks in advance. You must therefore have an impression of your journey, otherwise you will abandon the planned journey and no problems if you are arriving on one or other later.

There is no reason to fly if you make evisa. When you go ashore, how can you have a ride. The name of the room is necessary but never checked. My visas were issued without travel or board. So I had to name my marina of arrival and indicate a place to spend the night.

is more important than the name of the establishment you're nominating. The point of access is unimportant, some folks have arrived at different harbours without any problem. If you apply for evisa, do not ask for the number or date of the ticket, but you must choose "Port of Entry" (selection is among the three most important international airport and three borders).

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I have recently used the evisa services of www.evisa by accident, e-mail: www., www. Sent them $260 for 2 per person for emergency, sent them scans of ID cards + photographs, they acknowledged receiving the documents, pledged to mail letter of consent within 1-4 working day, but then got away!

In the hope that we could get the visas on our way to Yangon, but we were turned away and forced back by migration officials right at the frontier. Check that the website is register under a false name, adress and telephone number. Now, I started the trial with my own house to recant the money and initiate a legal inquiry against this forgeries.

Do NOT use this website for Myanmar e-visa. Myanmar's government should take proactive steps against such frauds and eliminate all those sites that cheat with their own country's e-visa. Please distribute my email to everyone you know to prevent Myanmar e-visa scam.

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