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When the holder of an e-visa wants to leave the country and return later, it is necessary to apply for another e-visa. A valid entry visa (can be an electronic visa). Complete your application online at

mm/. Apply for Myanmar Visa Online quickly: In order to apply for a fiancé, follow the steps on the website of the Department of State. Please select your country/region of travel document.

E-Visa Online - Myanmar Forum

At the moment I have a Singapore Pass and I am glad that I would get visa-free travel to all SEA states, and I booked everything with a sightseeing plane on Wednesday, November 25 - only last evening, when I was dragging through the post here, I realized that I needed at least an e-visa!

In panic and haste, I had to apply for and pay a USD 50 bonus for e-visa when I could have gotten it at half cost from my own consulate.... I got chilly to my stomach this after my resume was "in process" this afternoons, so I chose to call the e-visa staff at +95-67-431125.

By the way, a very supportive woman named Amy, who fluently spoke English, took care of my needs and gave me a telephone confirmation. So, if any of you are surprised by this visa survey and urgently need permission, e-visa would be useful and I would like to believe that a call to them would speed things up.

we- E-VISA FRAUD!!!!! - MYANmar message board

Check that the website is register under a false name, adress and telephone number. Wish the boys had fully footed the fraud! Do NOT use this website for Myanmar e-visa. Please distribute my email to everyone you know to prevent Myanmar e-visa fraud.

Applying online for R.O.C. (Taiwan) Travelling ....

In order to receive a ROC Travel Authorization Certificate (, the following requirements must be met: Applicants must be in possession of a round-trip or ferry pass. He has never been a laborer in Taiwan. Furthermore, the requestor must hold at least one of the following certificates which have been granted by Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, one of the Schengen States, the United Kingdom or the United States:

Indonesian citizens who hold a Japan Visa Waiver Registration are entitled to a ROC Traveller Authorization Certificate. Visa in the above mentioned document does not contain a work permit. Only people with a current or expired ID card can apply for a job on line. Individuals with a provisional, urgent or non-formal pass or any other document other than a pass are not allowed to apply on-line.

In the event of errors during the on-line job applications procedure, the candidate can file a new one. As soon as the request is accepted, the requester is asked to have the ROC travel authorization document printed out. Applicants must present the attestation and the necessary documentation for entry into Taiwan.

Entering the country is refused if the necessary documentation is not presented. A ROC travel approval certificate is issued for 90 calendar working day. Repeated answers within these 90 working hours are permitted. ROC Travel Authorization Certificate holders may be in Taiwan for 30 consecutive nights from the date of receipt.

To apply for another ROC Travel Authorization Permit the owner must do so seven calendar days before the expiration of the present one.

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