Application for Visa on Arrival Myanmar

Visa application upon arrival in Myanmar

Most nationalities require a visa to travel to Myanmar. We kindly ask you to observe the requirements for applying for a visa upon entry. " So it's better to apply for a visa at the Indian Embassy in Yangon." Business and entry visa issued to Canadian citizens upon arrival. Go to What types of materials support my Burma visa application?

There are 4 simple ways to get Myanmar Visas on arrival - Myanmar Visas, Tourist Visas - Myanmar Evisa

The good thing is that the Myanmar Visas are applied for 100% on-line on your flight. - Receive the Permit Form by e-mail- Print the form to get on the flight- Prepare 2 photographs of your flight- Put all of the above in one parcel with your ID and show it to the immigrant upon your flight to Myanmar.

When arriving at one of Myanmar's international airports (Yangon, Mandalay, Naypyidaw), present the immigration official with a valid identity card, a written confirmation of your visas, 2 photographs, an immigration and immigration permit and a stamp duty to stamp your work.

Visas and consular information: Visa on arrival

People with passports from 28 different EU Member States can request a visa at migration control centres for a maximum of 15 working nights. Applicants must have a cost of living of 10,000 Baht per capita and 20,000 Baht per host familiy. Applicants must have a valid 6 months minimum valid travel document and a fully fared-in pass that can be used within 15 working nights of import.

The visa will be issued on arriving at 24 internationally recognised inspection points and the applicant must present the visa request sheet with his/her current photo. Registration is 1,000 Baht.

Myanmar Visa upon arrival

When you arrive, simply show the written confirmation of your visas at the "Visa on Arrival" desk at the international airports to obtain a valid one. To be comfortable, you should have the following papers prepared, it will be used for your visas at the Aiport. - Permission Notice. - US 30 in payment in cash to pay visas stamping charge.

Identity card page with ID number - date of issuance / expiry date etc. Your full name as in your p/p ( 2) your full name ( 3) father's name ( 4) your race ( 5) your national origin ( 6) your religious origin ( 7) p/p: your date of issuance ( a) your number ( b) date of issuance ( d) date of expiry ( d) place of issuance & ( e) issuer authorities ( 8) date of issuance ( D - M - Y) ( 9) place of issuance ( 10) profession in your home state ( 11) full adress in your home state together with your telephone number.

number, or C/o address) Aim of the Myanmar tour ( 13) Your date of your date of your date of your date of your date of your date of your date of your date of your date of your date of your date of your date of your date of your date of origin ( 15) Your four types of information, the color of your ( a) coat ( b) Your skin ( c) Your size ( 16) Your size of MYANMA.

Usually it takes a whole fortnight, but in the worse case it can take up to 3 months to get permission, as all requests must be sent to Nay Pyi Taw (the new capital).

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