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You can read reviews, compare customer reviews, see screenshots and learn more about AP News. You can download AP News and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The Associated Press news and a foretaste of the great journalism of AP members and customers. from the Associated Press. Crash-news video and coverage of every story that makes the headlines worldwide.

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This is the first time our worldwide journalist and reporter staff has told the tales of the time. Receive detailed company reports from the USA and around the globe. From news videos for your programme to on-air news broadcast scripting to convincing pictures and life material for your productions or text for your printed publications, our crews provide the latest news in all media-types.

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Videoconsumption is increasing at an exponential rate. Featuring more on-site media professionals, affiliate days and thoroughly crafted, user-generated media now than ever before, we deliver high-quality media reporting to satisfy increasing demands. Select the formats that suit you, from fully-created, high-definition videos to concurrent streaming. We' re offering exclusivity and storytelling you won't find on other vendors.

Gain an insight into the rest of the word with the latest news from states, geographies and nations around the planet. More than 260 local media outlets provide local history and perspectives. Send four concurrent streams of real-time news from anywhere. Everything from big news incidents to big news to big rugs, reporting is assured and continuous as long as the history goes on.

Gain entry to videos for small or large audience from our worldwide network of channel partner such as BON TV, Caters, Newsflare, UNifeed, SNTV and others. We also have a team of people searching and editing user-generated contents on site, so you can provide a wide range of genuine videos. With the World Cup starting on June 14th, our multi-format reporting on the most viewed sports tournament of the year will inspire your audience.

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Keep up to date by getting news directly from the world's ultimate news resource to your inbox. Tailor-made news alerting services to suit your interests. Ongoing curatorial sessions for in-depth insight into key news stories and storylines. Now the application works without a telephone.

Fresh in the extremes, real and interesting, I am so glad that I have found such an impartial and informative news organization to keep track of what is happening in the whole wide globe. Thanks to Associated Press for your hard work and integrity: The new AP news application informs you with the same news as the old AP mobil application, but about 5 min. later!

At a time of so-called fake news, it is fresh to simply reading impartial, unbiased reporter.

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