The city of Annecy is the largest city in the department of Haute-Savoie in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of south-eastern France. The town of Annecy[], in the north of the French Alps, is called the Venice of the Savoy.

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This is a land register in France that rules out 1 square kilometre (0.386 square metres mi or 247 acres) of lake, pond, glacier and estuary. The town of Annecy (French pronunciation:[ansi]; Arpitan: Èneci or Ènneci) is the biggest town in the Haute-Savoie département in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes area, south-east France. Situated at the north tip of Lake Annecy, 35 kilometres from Geneva.

In Raoul Blanchard's month-long book, which describes the situation between the sea and the hills, the town is called the "Pearl of the French Alps" and steers the northerly entry to the canyon. Because of the shortage of available construction sites between the sea and the sheltered Semnoz hill, the populace has stagnated since 1950 with around 50,000 people.

The 2017 merger, however, expanded the metropolitan area to 124,401 residents, and 203,078 for the metropolitan area, sixth region below the Annemasse, which has 292,000 residents in the Nordic area. The town, which changed from the Earls of Geneva in the thirteenth to the Earls of Savoy in the fourteenth centuries, became the Savoy capitol in 1434 under the Genevois-Nemours privilege until 1659.

In 1536 their roles grew during the Calvinist Reformation in Geneva, while the Archbishop fled to Annecy. St Francis de Sales gave Annecy his progressive Roman Catholics position, known as the Counter-Reformation. In 1860, the town and France were brought together by the Annexion of Savoy. It is an enchanting and tourist image, sometimes referred to as the "Venice of the Alps", of the three channels and the Thiou stream that flows through the old town, whose original purpose was to preserve the town and strengthen its craftsmanship.

This town underwent a period of rapid growth in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries with the production of silver silks. From the end of the nineteenth centuries, Annecy has been developing tourist activity around its lakeside resort, nearby ski areas and attractions with the opening of the Palace Renewal and the Visual Arts Museums in 1956 and the 1960 Animated Film Festival at Bonlieu's Culture Center.

In 2015, it was honoured with the "Golden Flower" award for the nine most prosperous towns in France. The Annecy is part of 4 Kantons (Annecy-1, Annecy-2, Annecy-le-Vieux and Seynod) and it is the prefecture of Haute-Savoie. Annecy has had six towns with delegates since 2017: Annecy, Annecy-le-Vieux, Cran-Gevrier, Meythet, Pringy and Seynod.

Municipal administration consists of the City Councillor, which has 202 members. Annecy's inter-communality, Grand Annecy Agglomération, comprises 34 communes. Since 1960, Annecy has been hosting the Annecy International Animated Film Festival and since 1999 the Rencontres Internationales d'Annecy Cinéma & Architecture. Annecy acted as hosts for the 18th leg of the Tour de France on 23 July 2009, as the starting and finishing point for an individually tailored timed lap around Lake Annecy.

The Annecy company started a tender for the 2018 Winter Olympics, but was defeated by Pyeongchang. If they had been selected, Annecy would have been the 4th town in France to hold the Winter Olympics, after Chamonix (1924), Grenoble (1968) and Albertville (1992). Former Ligue 1 side Évian Thononon Gaillard F.C. had their home games in Annecy.

Palais de l'Isle is a palace from the twelfth centuries on an isle in the Thiou stream in the Annecy administration building. Until the French Revolution it was mainly used as a jail and court building. The main products in the nineteenth centuries were linens and cottons, glasses, flatware, stoneware and leathers. During the First World War it was linked to Aix-les-Bains by railway and there were plants for linens and cottons, felt caps and stationery as well as a "celebrated" belfry in Annecy-le-Vieux.

Among the enterprises in and around Annecy are: Anneky is a partner of Annecy: Annecy, together with other Alpine cities, is involved in the Alpine Town of the Year Association for the realisation of the Alpine Convention to promote the achievement of sustained Alpine Arc sustainability. And Annecy is also the Alpine Town of the Year 2012.

Annecy, the "Venice of the Alps" Palais de l'Isle prison at dark. from Annecy Southdock. Commons Wikimedia has related Annecy related news items. Wikivoyage has a guidebook for Annecy.

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