Anisakan Falls

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North of the village of Anisakan, the plateau disappears into an impressive, deeply wooded amphitheatre, the sides of which are crossed by several waterfalls. Anisakan Falls offers an extinguishing cascade for those who are thirsting for a natural wonder. It' also known as Anisakan Falls. The Anisakan Falls is a waterfall in Burma, Asia. Currently no further information about the Anisakan Waterfall is available.

What is the way to the astonishing Anisakan Falls Myanmar Burma?

So how long does it take to get to the Anisakanfall? It takes 20-30 min by motorcycle from Pyin U Lwin to the parking lot. It takes about 40 min. to descend to the falls (it is quite precipitous either down a street or small adventure trails through the jungle!) You will probably want to stay at the falls for at least 30 min.

Where can I find the Anisakan Falls? After returning from the Dee Doke Falls you may consider a trip to the Anisakan Falls. Ensure you have enough walking to get to the foot of the falls before sundown ("remember that it is a 40-minute walk from the parking lot). The Anisakan Falls are attached to the chart below.

Bicycling or motorcycling is the least expensive and most comfortable way to get here. At Grace II Gîte in Pyin Oo Lwin you can hire a bike or motorcycle. You can find Grace II Youth Hotel in our Pyin Oo Lwin housing blogs. This is the itinerary if you are riding a bike or motorbike:

Then you hike for about 40 min on a curvy street to reach the foot of the falls. The area is also full of beautiful jungles. A Pyin Oo Lwin motorcycle cab can be arranged for approx. 5,000Ks (approx. $5 or 3) or a 15,000Ks (approx. $15 or 9) min.

How can I use the Anisakanfall? Eat and drink at the cascade. Many small trails are available to discover the falls from different points of view. How much does it take to go to the Anisakanfall? To the Anisakan Falls, what should I take? Please take appropriate shoes (sneakers instead of flip-flops), as some of the trails are very adventure.

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However, if this is your first visit to Myanmar, you will probably want to take a tour book with you.

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