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An Is brings latest national news, live update and breaks news India. ANI, India's largest multimedia news agency, brings you the ANI app. It' a news agency that's a private institution. ANI (Asian News International), New Delhi, India. The ANI App gives you the latest news from India and the whole world.

Who we are

Established over 50 years ago, ANI is today South Asia's premier multi-media newswire with over 100 offices in India, South Asia and worldwide. In order to meet the ever-increasing need for news and information in an age of fast-developing technology, we are constantly striving to innovate, improve and redesign our goods and service.

ANI has a good name as South Asia's premier multimedia news agency and one of the best professional business news agencies in the rich. ANI covers South Asia around the planet, bringing news from and to South Asia wherever it may be.

AnĂ­ News

ANI, India's biggest news service, is proud to bring you the ANI Apache. Recieve the latest news, video and photo from all over India and the whole wide globe directly on your mobile telephone. To get the latest news before it is shown on TV monitors and other types of medium, please dowload the ANI application. More than 100 news agencies in India send news to ANI headquarters in New Delhi, where news is sent to more than 1000 news organizations around the you can get it on the go, on your mobile, for free.

About the ANI message channels?

First, ANI is not a news station. It' a newswire that' s a privately owned institution. It has its competence in the field of videobites, but also adds to the printed and on-line news. It provides videomaterial and images of important news which are important for all its customers like NDTV, CNN, Republic, Aaj Tak, ABP, Times Now, Zee news etc..

ANI crews even have the freedom to fly with the Prime Minister and the President of India to different places just to report the news. On larger events, travel expenses are borne by the Indian government. We have many the Press Trusts of India (PTI), Indo Asian News Service (IANS), United News of India (UNI), Reuters, Bloomberg, Associated Press, etc.

The PTI and PTI are one of India's largest rivals in printed and on-line news. Its history can appear in almost all publication, subject to the importance of the news and sometimes it can include 2-3 printed papers. However, their predominance and genuineness is so great that a PTI or landmark submission is treated in almost all on-line publication.

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