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|English Airlines can refer to it: Ángel Airlines (Romania) - Angel Airlines (Thailand) - symbol of disambiguation. CAPA's Premium Airline Profiles combine our news, data and analysis to provide you with everything you need to know about Angel Airways. A commercial airline based at Victoria Falls International Airport, Zimbabwe. Simple online booking for your Angel Airlines flight.

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Angels Airlines was a privately owned carrier based in Bucharest, Romania. The first flights of Angel Airlines from Bucharest to Baia Mare and Ia?i were established in August 2001. The company was established as a consequence of Romania's fast economical growth and the increasing national and multinational short-haul markets.

Angling Airlines flew from Bucharest to the following destinations: A number of operations were carried out under code-share arrangements with the domestic TAROM company. Angel's practice was that Angel had two mornings and evenings on each flight for maximal efficiencies. During August 2002, the company adopted a new corporate policy that continued to focus on effective time and flight planning as well as intercontinental and scheduled services.

It had agreed with a number of Rumanian travel agents to offer charters to Turkey, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece and Italy. It also launched the following intercontinental and intercontinental flights: Angling Airlines also planned to fly on the Bucharest-Tirana-Bari and Bucharest-Craiova-Rimini routes. Angel Airlines' fleets comprised two Jetstream 31s.

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