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Kawthaung Andaman Resort

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Please choose your trip data. The number of people per room is to be chosen. Unfortunately there are no rooms for {0} people. Visit Myanmar Andaman to explore the miracles of Kawthoung / Victoria Point. With a full listing of comforts, visitors will find their sojourn on the estate a convenient one.

Wi-Fi free in all rooms, 24-hour safety, 24-hour reception, left-overs, Wi-Fi in open areas are on the guest's wish lists. The guest rooms are equipped with all the conveniences you need for a good night's rest. Some rooms have coat racks, free hot and cold coffees, free teas, free welcome drinks and bed linen.

Kawthoung / Victoria Point has three good reason to be in Myanmar Andaman: good personnel, great amenities and the closeness to everything that Kawthoung / Victoria Point has to provide. Add to "Favorite Hotels" Remove from "Favorite Hotels" ???

Andaman Resort - Myanmar City Star

An additional 2-hour fast patrol shuttle between the resort and Kawthaung (Jetty & Airport) or Ranong Jetty is available on Wednesday and Saturday. Departures from Kawthaung are at 12 o'clock and departures from the resort at 6 o'clock. There is a US$ 700 fee per shuttle for a specific shuttle on other dates and times of the year.

Accomodation in a chosen class, breakfast and 4-course dinners, Saturday and Wednesday transfers (Kawthaung Airport/Ranong Jetty - Myanmar Andaman Resort - Kawthaung Airport/Ranong Jetty by road and fast ferry, the ferry will leave Kawthaung at 12:00 and depart from the islands at 6:00 in the morning), all package deals are exclusive: In order to provide extra service, all invoicing and invoicing on the islands should be paid in US dollars, euros or Thai baht.

The Myanmar Andaman Resort is the only resort on Macleod in the Mergui Archipelago. Emphasize that this is more of an eco-lodge than a normal resort. However, if you are looking for a lonely little town with an unspoilt sandy beaches, close to stunning diving spots and easy acces to the untouched natural resources, you will have the best vacation of your life.

We are run by an expert staff of A-One-Diving from Ranong, Thailand. It is also the first resort in Myanmar. Most of the FREE enrolment on our programs is very affordable. The Myanmar Andaman Resort is the only artificial building on the Isle. This means that practically the entire Macleod Islands area is at your service.

For more information about the island's flora, fauna and flora, you can ask our expert guides for help. The view from the highest peak of Macleod Iceland is breathtaking. Myanmar Andaman Resort has added new thrills for those who love aquatic activities, which I have accompanied with kayak rides and an all-day snorkelling experience around the islands.

Last, but not least, Myanmar Andaman Resort will open a small spas next year. This is the setting for a tasty evening meal cooked by the new Myanmar Andaman Resort cooks. The Myanmar Andaman Resort has its own PADI diving center, run by an expert staff of diving teachers and diving professionals, providing a very pleasant and enjoyable way to explore the Mergui Archipelago.

PADI diving programs and diving packs are available. There are snorkelling excursions around the islands for half and full days for non-divers. Kayaking on Macleod Iceland is a great way to experience the seas. In Myanmar Andaman Resort we organise culture excursions where you can see how the gypsies are living and fishing.

Sure, there are many things you can do on the isle. However, the whole thing should not be forgotten. It has unspoilt scenery, an unspoilt jungles with many species of flora and fauna and some of the most beautiful vistas from the top of our highest summit. For birdwatchers, Macleod is also a haven.

The other interesting poultry on the islands are the important colonies of the food salangan (Collocalia fuciphaga), which hatch in cave at sealevel, Common Kingfisher (Todiramphus chloris). There are many other migratory animals that brood in the island's forests, making it a true protected area.

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