Andaman Club Kawthaung

Kawthaung Andaman Club

Kawthaung, Thu Htay Kyun (Andaman Club). Restaurant Victoria @ Andaman Club Myanmar, Kawthaung. Andaman Club Hotel in Thahtay Kyun Island. We stayed one night in the Andaman Club during my family vacation.

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Andaman Club is a Casinos and Gulf Resorts on Thahtay Kyun Iceland, just a few min. by speed boat from Kawthaung. Located in Myanmar, the complex is managed by the VES Group of Thailand under a long-term Myanmar Goverment franchise. "Andaman Club is the sole destination for the whole of the 1,800 hectare archipelago and is dedicated exclusively to the pleasures of Andaman Club visitors," the Andaman Club says on its website.

It' s a little outdated and a little separate from Myanmar, but the Andaman Club is by far the noblest resort in Kawthaung.

Kawthaung Andaman Club (Myanmar)

The Andaman Club is about 30 minutes away by boat, but since it is in Myanmar, we have to abandon the kingdom and make a tax to get into the Union of Myanmar. Andaman Club rooms were offered for 1200 baht with breakfasts. Andaman Club has not much to do if you are NOT into gaming.

In order to access the cafeteria, which is situated one level above the entrance hall, the guest must trade at least 10,000 Baht chip.

Fortunately, the club has an 18-hole course. On my insistence, the janitor took us around the course in a vehicle to see for himself whether it was profitable to pay 1500 Baht for Greenfees. The course is really not the primary activity of this CLUB, as we can see that the course is really run down.

On the next morning we drove to Kawthaung (aka Victoria Point from the British). Visa to Andaman Club is still available. The Kawthaung is a small city that is very dependent on trade with Ranong. The journey to Phuket/Ranong/Kawthaung ended with the last evening at the Hotel Royal Paradise (Patong).

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