Andaman Club Hotel Kawthaung

Kawthaung Andaman Club Hotel

There is also a karaoke club and a games room. They can take a flight to visit our Andaman Club Resort Hotel, a five-star hotel, the civil aviation of Myanmar. Brochure of the hotel "Actually, just look and find the right value, but good and safe and no need to fear for your stay." Download hotel prices..

... Wellcome to Grand Andaman! Khyun is a paradisiacal tropic isle at the gate to Myanmar, which can be entered easily and without a visas by people of all nationalities.

All of the 1,800 hectares of the Grand Andaman Islands are dedicated exclusively to the pleasures and pleasures of Grand Andaman people. Situated in a world-class setting, it boasts the luxuries of a 205-room 5-star hotel with excellent food. It is a relaxation and curative spas experience, and Grand Andaman has a range of unparalleled massage, peeling and facials to help your body recover and revive your fatigued muscle.

Grand Andaman's many attractions include the casino and games rooms, a state-of-the-art range of slots, two snooker rooms, a dedicated karaoke club and a children's club. In the evening the karaoke club is open for the public. Kids can have fun in the children's club with guided fun and games such as drawings and color.

Andaman, the five-star grand Andaman, towers above the 1,800 hectares of unspoilt countryside on the picturesque Thahtay Kyun in Myanmar. All of the isle is dedicated to the Grand Andaman and his Bangkok guests: Afterwards drive to Ranong Pier (3 hours) and take a quick cruise through the beautiful tropic islands to the Andaman Club in only 20 mins.

Take a 4-hour cruise to Ranong Pier for a 20-minute speedboat ride to Grand Andaman.

Sailing, yacht charter and personal cruise in Myanmar & surroundings

Andaman Club is a Casinos and Gulf Resorts on Thahtay Kyun Iceland, just a few min. by speed boat from Kawthaung. Located in Myanmar, the complex is managed by the VES Group of Thailand under a long-term Myanmar Goverment franchise. "Andaman Club is the sole destination for the whole of the 1,800 hectare archipelago and is dedicated exclusively to the pleasures of Andaman Club visitors," the hotel states on its website.

It' s a little outdated and a little separate from Myanmar, but the Andaman Club is by far the noblest hotel in Kawthaung.

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