And the Fox says

The Fox says.

The Fox, what does he say? If you haven't been dug under a cliff for a few months, you will have listened to The Fox, a musical clip released by the Ylvis couple from Norway to mark the start of the new TV Norge show in their talkshow i veld media Ylvis (Tonight with Ylvis). Started on September 3, the movie has had an amazing 28 million hits in just 13 working day.

It is not the first year that the duet has published a number of comedies, in fact they are known for it. They even have earlier Anglophone tunes like Stonehenge: The issue is, will the Fox bring Ylvis to world renown, or will they go the way of Chesney Hawkes?

Sakharov I Know What the Fox Says

It' about a dude who knows wuff and elephant wuff but doesn't know what the fox says, so a lot of guys in animals costume tell him what the fox says, what ring-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding is, among other things! You' ve got an invention, they' re making it up, they' re not sure what the Fox is saying.

Those noises that came from the darkness of children in the other side of the road, Fraka-kaka-kaka-kaka-kaka-kaka, were also disturbingly strange. And it didn't even ring like a beast. Looking out the windows, I saw a big fox, a long cock standing behind me, going down the road and stopped now and then to raise his skull and shout.

One has to listen to this noise to believe it. This was years ago; The Fox was living in a forest behind the buildings across the road. Now I recognise the tone - it is known as a vixen's cry. Fences might be alive for five years, says Google, so all the fox I am hearing now are probably his child.

Neighbours keep an eye on her; on a hot day we say, "Did you listen to the fox last night?" A neighbour and I were on the veranda one evening this past sommer when it got dim and we were discussing this and that. And I was about to say something as she was freezing and nodding to the road.

There in the centre, passing through the streetlight swimming pool, were a fox and two boys, perhaps young people, all three of whom came together. Perhaps they went towards the stream at the end of the road, they went out of the darkness, into the lighting, appeared, disappeared, reappeared, as the little children on the other side of the road were moving in and out of the candlelight.

They' re slipping under the car, back on the road. They then went into the darkness without saying a single thing, without saying anything of what the chestnuts said.

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