Ancient Myanmar Dress

Old Myanmar Dress

Discover nokky pumarin's board "myanmar ancient dress" on Pinterest. Buddist temples - in Bagan, an ancient city in central Myanmar. A visit to taste traditional clothes in Myanmar: You wore long, long-sleeved dresses and had scarves on your short pieces of cloth. The ancient art of Burmese handicraft used to make tapestries.

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Chief Sereedoghee at the court of Amarapoorah, Rangoon, Burma. One soldier at the court of Amarapoorah. One Loto Seree at the court of Amarapoorah, Rangoon Burma. Nakhan at the court of Amarapoorah, Rangoon Burma. Precious women's suit from Burma. Burma, 1843. Precious Myanmar people. Precious Myanmar man outfit. Art on Boy from Burma (Myanmar), West Indies, 1900.

Historic clothes from Myanmar and Burma

About 1000 AD women's dresses of the Pyu age were made of wool and satin. Stitched scarf is carried over the bagan during the Bagan time. A Htai Ma Thein jacket with anoh is used during the Yadanar Bon Cycle. The emerald scarf is wraped over the scarf's head (Dae Wi Wrap) or in the queen's look.

Burma Clothing

Main export goods are timber, furnitures, pyinkado soils, jellyfish, paddy jellyfish, brown corn, dry konjak chips, dry konjak powders, green corn and corn powders etc. Adress: No.51/D, Kabar Aye Pagoda Road, Plaza del Pagoda, Mayangone Township, Yangon, Myanmar. 262/286, Room 2, Ground Floor, Konzaydan Street, Pabedan Township, Yangon, Myanmar. Are you looking for a Yangon? or Bagan hotels?

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No. S 1, 60 Street, Between 32 and 33nd Street, Chanayetharsan Tsp, Mandalay, Myanmar. locations; and if you go to them, you will forever be under his charm.... When Rudyard Kipling came to Burma a hundred years ago, he thought it was "quite different from any country you know" - and it still is! Yangon, Myanmar.

Old Bagan Lifestyle, Myanmar(Burma)

The old woodcarvings and pictures of the Bagan temple and pagoda show their old lifestyles. Wearing long, long-sleeved clothes and scarves on their shorts. There were no shirts then. Bagan wives were able to weavethe clothes they were wearing.

Much of the evidence can be found on the pagoda donations from Queen Pwa Saw. Men as well as woman were wearing bracelets on their sleeves, bracelets on their hands, collars and anklets. Under the rule of Narathu, the wives began to carry long, shared long longies. It was the king's intention to foster amusement in his realm and these changes seem to be the beginning of new notions.

Woman who describe the mural painting of Kyanzittha-Umin caves usually assemble and go to the convents to carry offertory, fountains and some old mothers. Then follows a large carriage, which is supported by four horses and bears the king and queen of that age. Different ancient man's drafts were drawn up according to the times and wards.

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