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Old town names

Below is a small list of ancient Greek cities, including colonies outside Greece itself. Old name, place, modern name, also known as. Besides this list of the best old cities, there are many similar places to visit, including Montezuma Castle, Mesa Verde National Park and Saqqqara, to name just a few. Anybody got any good names for ancient cities? Accadian Empire got its name from the capital Akkad (or Agade).

The most common city names in the USA

In such a large nation as the USA, it is obvious that some of the city and place names may be repeating over the years. Here is a look at the most popular names in the county and the main causes of their prevalence. The name Washington is the number one with 88 different Washington boroughs across the state.

Since the first US ever was George Washington, it is no wonder that so many societies have honoured him in this way. Washington DC, the capitol of the state, is the most popular city with this name. The Springfield team took second place with 41 different municipalities that shared their names.

This was the first place with this name in Springfield, Massachusetts, in 1636. It' called after Springfield in Essex, England. Here George Washington established the National Armory and later became one of the world's leading companies during the Industrial Revolution. There are 35 different names for different villages and villages. Next on the shortlist is Greenville, with 30 city and place names.

Greenville, South Carolina, is one of the oldest towns with this name. It was established in 1786. Today there is even a Greenville on the other side of the state in California! Bristol's is 29 in the USA and is popular thanks to the Bristol of England, one of the country's most important economic towns.

Several of the famed places in the USA with this name are in Virginia, Tennessee and Connecticut. Bristol, Tennessee, is regarded as the place where countrymusic was born. There are 29 locations in the state connected to Bristol, three of which are in New York State. Next most beloved city name is Fairview.

Fairview in Utah was one of the first Utah municipalities to be founded by Mormon Migrants. Another commonly used name in the USA, Salem has been associated with 26 municipalities throughout the state. Next place on the roster is Madison with 24 different namesake cites.

George Washington also worked hand-in-hand with him to organise the new German administration. Madison, Wisconsin, the country's capitol, is one of the most popular places. The name was used 23 different time in the city. Today, one of the many Georgetown's, is a quarter in Washington, DC and was established around 1745 by George Gordon and George Beall.

Conflicting opinions exist as to whether the city was called after them or after the then King George II of England. She' got the same city name all over the state. Frequently used city and place names in the USA This page was last updated on June 28, 2018.

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