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I' m Teotihuacan: Antique city of pyramids

Teotihuacan is situated about 50 kilometres north-east of Mexico City and was one of the biggest cities of antiquity. It blossomed 2,100 years ago, when construction began, and about 1,400 years ago, when it went into a time of ruin, which included a fire that wreaked havoc.

But even with the demise, the city was never really "lost" - the Aztecs made frequent pilgrimage to the place in later years. His impact was felt throughout the whole of Mexico and as far as Guatemala. This city was organised according to a map, many of its inhabitants live in so-called "housing estates" with several family.

One archeological survey found about 2,200 of these buildings within the city, with excavation showing that some of them contained greater amounts of rock and limestone render than others. The city' s major road, now known as Avenue of the Dead, runs along a north-south route following a later Ayztec name.

Situated more than two nautical mile long, it contains three large pyramidal wards. Situated at the north end of the alley is the Moon pyramid, derived from an Aztecan word. From a small stage it became a 46 metre high pyramide with a footprint of 550 ft (168 metres) and 149 metres (490 feet).

The Sun Pyramid is less than half a kilometer southward of the Moon Pyramid. More than 63 metres high and more than 225 metres long on each side, this is one of the biggest buildings in the pre-Columbian New World.

An archeological crew spotted a passageway under the spire near Avenue of the Dead in 1971. A further finding made at the end of last year was a small repository of sacrificial objects that could reach as far as the beginning of the construction of the shrine. Beneath the found objects was a silhouette of a person in a silhouette of an old man.

Southwards of the Sun pyramid is the Feathered Serpent Temple, also known as "La Ciudadela", a name given to it by Spaniards. At the centre of this memorial is a six-level spire, which is smaller than the other two on Allee der Toten. There may have been two housing estates in the vicinity occupied by locals.

It is said that the spire was finished sometime in the third cent. AD. Alternately, head cuts on the texture, the Quetzalcoatl, a feathery snake gods, and a creature that looks like Tlaloc, an old stormy deity. Near the pyramide are the graves of about 200 persons.

You are in the many residential areas of the city as well as on other palace and temple designated structures. It is controversial whether the pictograms found in Teotihuacan represent a correct script system. University of California Riverside lecturer Karl Taube argued in a document that the residents had "a complicated system of hieroglyphics" that complements the huge and ancient city.

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