Ancient Cities to Visit

Old towns to visit

The visit to a city as beloved as Rome is particularly dangerous: the crowds of people, the cheese-like souvenirs, the young men in full gladiatorial originals waiting to ally themselves with the tourists. To visit the best old towns (without all tourists)

The Machu Picchu, Pompeii and Pyramids of Giza are all up there with the most famous specimens of the largest ancient remains in the word, but thousand live over a million kilometres, some of which are still to be discover. There are 10 of the most stunning ancient remains you've probably never seen before.....

Petra is also known as the Rose Town for its reddish, whitish and rose-coloured rocks, it has been classified as one of the New 7 Miracles of the World and is a must for every traveller. Approximately one hours ascent northerly of Petra's town ( yes, that's about 800 steps), the monastery is not easily accessible, but it's definitely rewarding.

You' ll be awarded with one of the most epic opinions as many natives call it "the end of the world". Giza's Great Pyramids are likely and rightly so because they are an iconical icon and the last of the ancient Seven Miracles of the Worlds that still exist today.

It is home to some of the best ancient cities and ancient temples in the whole wide variety of the earth, and it is quite possible to get lost in them. Here is one that should be on your list of buckets - Abu Simbel. It is the site of two churches erected by Ramses II and is now in Aswan.

There are four huge sculptures in the central part of the church, devoted to Ramses II himself, which are said to be a fine example of ancient Egypt. Delos, known in ancient Greece as "the holiest of all islands", is considered the place of birth of Apollo and Artemis, the sun and moon deities. Only a few kilometres from the kosmopolitan town of Mykonos on the top of the Aegean Sea, Delos is a swimming, historical and holy place.

Indeed, there is no other archeological site of the same importance and magnitude in the whole earth with an almost islands character. Delos, which was supposed to be occupied around 3000 BC, has a long tradition as a free trader harbour and home to a beloved slavery merchant during this period. No one lives on the archipelago and only the most interested travellers are attracted to discover its profound historical heritage.

From Mykonos Delos can be reached by ferry and should be placed on your wishinglist. Like the one-stop store for many Peruvian visitors, Machu Picchu is quite good as soon as you can verify it from his listing, isn't it? While Machu Picchu earns the more than 1 million tourist crowds it draws every year, if you want to get away from the flock of self-ie stickers, Peru has many other top-class antique rides.

Over the years Ollantaytambo has made this map the ideal city to discover an archeological site of the Incas. Inhabited since the thirteenth centuries, this place is rich in historical heritage and was the site of a great Spaniard war. It is one of the most famous example of Mayan-Toltec civilisation in Yucat√°n.

The next goal is more than just an astonishing story, it is known for its most stunning scenery in the whole wide range of the globe. Sculpted into landforms, you will find houses, shrines, graves and sanctuaries that cut off a literal slice of third millenary B.C. There are 36 subterranean cities scattered throughout the area, but the two most popular are Derinkuyu and Kaymakl?

Any one of these cities could provide assistance to tens of millions of people and cattle for an extensive amount of years, most likely during the aggression. The next on the big town' s agenda was that of the Maya, which bloomed between 300 and 850 AD. Once home to some 100,000 locals, today you can still see the remnants of former churches, ceremony plattforms, paleas, ball playgrounds, Turkish bathrooms and much more.

While Bagan is regarded by many as one of the most important archeological locations in Southeast Asia, it does not attract much interest compared to other ancient cities. It was the ancient town that was the main town during the Bagan period, which culminated between the XIth and XIIIth centuries. More than 10,000 buildings were constructed during the heyday of the kingdom, but to date 2,200 memorials have been preserved, making it one of the densest temple areas in the world.

It has a certain attraction and a certain enigma, as it is still not clear why one of the largest and most sprawling cities in Southeast Asia has been forsaken. Many of the locals believed that the town had been cursed after the inheritance, and the huge area was relatively unoccupied.

Thinking of Angkor, most humans think of the legendary Angkor Wat Tempel. Did you know that Angkor is actually a set of hundred terraces once a town has more inhabitants than London? The journey takes some precipitous stairs, but you won't be dissapointed by the splendid views of this completely built stone tower.

Preah Khan, another often missed Angkor sanctuary, will flood you with a starry sky without all the loud tourist. Largely untouched, this vast site has remained largely untouched, and you will need to explore the remains along huge trees and lush greenery. Encircling the castle ditch and jungles around the castle will help make this sanctuary so calm and tranquil that it will make you seem to have found your own secret jewel.

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