Ancient Cities of the World List

Antique Cities on the World List

Old hidden cities from India that have long been lost. Krishna's submerged city is one of the mythical lost cities. The Sanchi is the most famous historical place in India. Old cities, capitals of powerful empires, old colonial cities and generally places that only leak history.

The oldest cities with continuous habitation

ArgosNeolithic, Mycenaean GreeceGreece6th-5th century B.C.[108]The town has been riding a bicycle between municipal and municipal governments for 7,000 years. AthensNeolithic, Mycenaean GreeceAtticum, Greece5th-4th millenium BC[109][110][111][page needed]The recorded story begins in 1400 BC. Hello, ChaniaCreteCreteCrete, Greece/Greece. Mycenaean GreeceBoeotia, Greece/Greece. Mycenae, then Phönizier settlement. Thessaly, Greece before 1200 BC [quotation required] Founded as Trikke. Homer mentions ChalcisMycenaean GreeceGreece before 1200 B.C.[quotation required]Mentioned by Homer.

Citation required ]A colonization since the Neolithic. Ubbo, probably a Phoenician name, became Olissipo (-nis) in Greek and Latin (also Felicitas Julia after the Romans conquered it in 205 BC). GreeceMycenaean GreeceGreece Established in 1100 B.C. by Patreus. 1,000 B.C. [Quote Required] Established by Liburnen. The oldest town in Croatia to be continually occupied. Mainly a Ligurian village. Quote Required]The remnants of the cities at this site were dating back to before 1000 BC, and Mtskheta was the capitol of the early Georgian kingdom of Iberia during the third B.C., the fifth A.D. cent ury--the fifth A.D. year.

MaltaMalta8th cent. BC[122] established as a Phoenician melitin. Sardinia, Italy8th cent. B.C. [quotation required] Established by Phoenicians from Tyre as Krly, Caralis in Romans, Callaris in Middle Ages. Italy753 B.C. Continual settlement since about 1000 B.C.; shepherd' s settlement in the north part of the Palatinate Hill from the ninth centuries B.C.; see also Rome's story and the foundation of Rome.

In Palermo (as ????, Ziz)PhoeniciaSicily, Italy734 BC[citation required]settlement present since about 8000 B.C., as we know from speleological sketches in the area today known as Addaura, but continuously recorded settlement since Phenician time ( 734 B.C. is historically regarded as the year of foundation). Sicily, Italy734 B.C. [Cited]A settlement of the ancient town of Corinth.

CalabriaMagna Graecia, Italy710 BC[Need for a quote]Greek settlement. Founded as the only Spartaic colony by the Parthenians, sons of unwed Sparta woman Spartans and free non-citizens resident in Sparta and their territory. Corfu, KerkyraCorfu Ionian Islands, Greece700 B.C.[Citation required]A settlement of the ancient town of Corinth.

The Kerch (as Panticapaeum) pre-Roman Crimean region of Ukraine, which was conquered by Russia7th centuries BC [citation need] ancient colony of Greece. Theodosiya ( as Theodosia ) pre-Roman Crimean region of Ukraine invaded by Russia7th centuries BC [citation required] Greece Kolonie. Grecian Kolonie. NaplesMagna GraeciaItalyc. Actually the date on which an older nearby village, the Parthenope, was established by Cumae people. These finally fused with Neapolis itself, which was established around 470 BC.

Bulgaria610 BCFounded by miles of resident settlers around 610 BC, was appointed Apollonia Pontica in honor of the protector god Miletus - Apollo. Antique writers identified the philospher Anaximander as the founding father of the town. Edessa, GreeceMacedoniaGreece before the sixth centuries B.C. [quotation required] Greece town, capitol of the Macedonian Empire until the sixth millennium B.C. [quotation required].

Marseille (as Massilia)GaulFrance600 BC[quotation necessary]A column of the ancient town of Phokaeas. Macedonia Greece6th c. b. C. [Citation necessary]Greek Kolonie. Established as a Neapolitan. mangalia dadcia romania6th Cent. B.C.[quotation required]Founded as callatis. Established as Tomis. in the 19th cent. B.C. [quotation required]Founded as Tomis. MantuaPo ValleyLombardy, Italy6th Cent. B.C. [Need for citation] Village development since around 2000 B.C.; was established in the sixth Cent.

Milan-Po Valley, Cisalpine Gaul-Lombardy, Italy6th centuries BC Established by the Insubres in the sixth centuries BC after Titus Livy. 1049 - 131] Established as Odessos by colonists from the town of Miletus in Greece. Saint Martí d'Empúries (as Emporion)IberiaCatalonia, Spainc. In 575 B.C. [quotation required] A settlement of the ancient town of Phokaea.

Sant Martí today lies on the ancient Palaiopolis of Emporion, on an offshore islet; in 550 BC the residents migrated to the continent and founded the Neapolitans: Greeks5th centuries B.C. [quotation required]Greek town. The first mention in the fifth centuries BC as Siris. MacedoniaGreek. In 432 B.C. [citation required] Hellenic town. RhodesRhodes, Aegean SeaDodekanes, Greece/Greece Republic.

In 408 B.C. [citation required] Grecian town. Founded as the opposition of the Celtic Mediomatrici. The exact origins of the hometown are not known, but there are remnants of a fourth centuries B.C. Greeks settlement, although some historical sources suggest that it was founded in the eighth centuries BC.

Since 3000 BC, however, a constant humanitarian existence has been present in this place, as the various monumental sites around the town show. Greece315 BC[Citation required]Greek town. Foundation as a new town at the same place as the Altstadt Therme. BeratMacedonia (Old Kingdom)Albania314 B.C.[quotation required]Founded[138] by Cassander as an anti-patriot.

vukovarillia croatia300 BC[quotation required]vukovarillia cultura. Barcino Barcelona (as Barcino)IberiaCatalonia, Spain3. cent. BC[citation required]Unknown source. It is also hypothesized that a small ancient Greeks village named Kallípolis probably lived in the area. The first archeological remnants of a building, however, date from the time of the Romans. Belgrade was established around 279 BC as Singidunum.

Spain228 BC [cited necessary]Carthaginian settlement established by Hasdrubal Barca. Iberia Catalonia, Spain218 B.C. [Need for quotes] Holy Roman settlement established by Gnaeus and Publius Cornelius Scipio. MacedoniaRepublic of Macedonia217 BC[quotation required]Established as Stobi of Philip V. of Macedonia. BratislavaPannoniaSlovakia2. cent. BC [quotation required]Founded by a Boii-tribal. from the Celts.

In 907 the first mention of a slavonic occupation was made. Iberia Valencia, Spain138 BCRomanic Kolonie, which was established as Valentia Edetanorum. Syremska MitrovicaIllyriaSerbia1. cent. B.C.[quotation required]Founded as Sirmium. Serbian SmederevoIllyriaSerbia1. Cent. B.C. [quotation required]Founded as Semendria. It is the oldest town in Slovenia. PtujPannoniaSlovenia 1. Cent. B.C. Ptuj is the oldest town in Slovenia. In the first hundred B.C. the village was dominated by ancient Rome.

Conquest of LusitaniaPortugal53 B.C. (Roman conquest) [citation required] Proof of the presence of Lusitanians before the war. Slovenia50 B.C. [Need for citation] Area first populated by humans in lake houses around 2000 B.C.. About 50 BC the Romans established a camp, which later became a permanently inhabited village named Iulia Aemona. Signs of settlements at the lake, which go back to the Neolithic period.

CologneGermany Lower GermanyGermany38 BC[quotation required]Founded 38 BC by the Ubii, a Teutonic clan, as Oppidum Ubiorum. The Romans took over the site as Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium in 50 AD and the town became the capitol of the Germania Inferior in 85 AD. TrierGalia BelgicaGermany30 BC[quotation required]Oldest ancient romean town in Germany.

Eldest town of the Netherlands, 17 B.C.. AugsburgRaetia, Roman EmpireGermany15 BCTThe third oldest town in Germany after Cologne and Trier. The Romans established it under the name Augusta Vindelicorum. ChurRaetia PrimaGrisons, Switzerland15 BC[citation needed] Housing since the fourth century BC (Pfyn culture). WormsGermania SuperiorGermany14 BC[Quote required]The name of the town is derived from the name Borbetomagus in Roman, which is of celtic origin.

20th A.D. [quotation required] Testimony of a pre-Romanel, Celtic colony; refounded by the Romans between 14 and 37 A.D., described in a rhyme on the bell turret of the town as " the oldest town of Gaul next to Trier".

Laugaricio )Slovakiabefore 179 AD[quotation required]First mention of 179 AD on a Latin epigraph on the chateau cliff Tren?ín, when the Latin military was based in the Laugaricio area. It was probably inhabited by Germans and from the seventh centuries by Slavs.

Kiev State of AntesUkraine482[150]Founded by Slavonic tribal chief Kyi. Several sources [still to be clarified] suggest that Kiev was established in 640 BC. 500 [Quote required]According to popular legends, the ancient Georgian town of Vakhtang I. Gorgasali was established by King of Georgia. Very early real (registered) records of settlements in the village date back to the fourth millennium, when a fort was erected under the rule of King Varaz-Bakur.

PragBöhmenCzech Republic6th c. Cent.[citation required]The first mention in writing is from the 11th Cent. Byzantine EmpireGreece527-565[quotation required]Founded by Kaiser Justinian I. Kraków(Wawelberg)Ma?opolska8th century[157]The first mention in writing goes back to the tenth cent. Poland9th century[quotation required]Founded as province capitol Kastellanie and secondary fortress. For a long time Kalisz has been regarded as the oldest town in Poland, referred to by Ptolemy in the second half of the 20th cent. A.D., but the assertion is today questioned by some (cf. Calisia).

Crete Greece824 [Citation required]Founded by the Saracens. 2. NitraThe Principality of NitraSlovakia828[Need for a quote]Slavic occupation since the fifth millennium peaked when it became the center of the Principality of Nitra. The Vikings established Dublin as a town in the ninth millennium, but there were two older Irishman communities that lived on the same site several hundred years before their arrival; Áth Cliath ("Hurdenfurt") and Duiblinn ("Black Pool").

SpainMediterranean. Before 879 [citation required]First mention in the Middle Ages as Xantheia. Pozna?Greater PolandBefore 968 AD settlement from at least the ninth centuries AD,[163]Pozna? is one of the proposed places of AD 966 baptism of Poland. 972Founded by Grand Duke Géza. After the founding of the town, the first Roman Catholics of the Hungarian Kingdom were erected here.

BrüsselBelgien979 [Citation required]Founded by Karl, Herzog von Niederlothringen. Trustheim Norway Norway997[quotation required]Founded by Olav Tryggvason. Archeological finds of urban settlements from the 7th centuries.

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