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Old Asian city

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Ancient cities in Asia that will take you back in history.

We have found several places that are regarded as missing in a global economy where it seems as if traffic connections have made places more and more accessible. They are ancient Asian towns that are definitely deserving of a visit, as they will surely take you back in history because they have survived the test of the times and told their history.

Few are familiar with this UNESCO World Heritage Site. The ancient city of Hoi An is situated in the Vietnamese Quang Nam and has only 120,000 inhabitants. It is famous for its temple, merchants' homes and tourism complex. Sukhothai, the old city, may lie in rubble, but the five-hour journey is still worthwhile.

Siam's first ancient capitol was the headquarters of government from 1238 to 1438. In a square brick built ensemble are the remnants of about 26 shrines and the King's residence. Visiting the biggest of the Buddhist monasteries, Wat Mahathat, which was used as the principal shrine of the great city where several Buddhist relic are kept.

In order to see the huge Buddha, go or step towards Wat Si Chum Temple. The" City of the Monkeys" is about three and a half hour from Bangkok. One of the towns of the ancient Angkor Empire (now Cambodia), Lopburi became the second city of the Ayutthaya Empire in the sixth and sixth centuries A.D. Lopburi is also known by other famous companies as Lavo, Luovo and Lavapura.

Split into old and new cities, the visitor will not be disillusioned, because there is a lot to see. The Phra Prang Sam Yot Temple or "Monkey Temple" is a high point of this old city. "It can be very annoying to be hot, but it is definitely a good example of Angkor or Khmer Empire design.

Angkor was the Khmer Empire's capitol. Situated in the middle of the great Tonle Sap and Kulen lakes, this ancient city is the site of one of the most beloved temple in the whole wide wad. Angkor has been found to be a "hydraulic city" because research has shown that it has a complex system of aquatic resources and a sophisticated infrastructures linking the temple.

Respect never ends with trees hugging the tiles and rocks of the once great city. A lot of people come to take photos and touching part of the story, and others awaken in the early dawn and walk to the Angkor Wat wall to welcome the sun rise.

The city, which is also a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, has extraordinary and well-preserved architectonic monuments as well as a strong spiritual and patrimonial legacy. Since 698 AD, the town has been permanently populated. Combinations of old and new make the city more attractive, with buddhistic shrines that mix with contemporary facilities.

The Wat Chom Si Monastery is a good starting point for a visit to the city to prayer for a secure crossing of the Mekong River while you sail all in one. It is the ancient capitol of the kingdom of Pagan. Coming from the ninth to the thirteenth century, more than 10,000 buddhistic churches, palagodas and convents were built here, of which only 2,200 have survived to this date.

Paragodas are the major attractions of this ancient city and are venerated by the people. It' an old fashioned life where you'd like to spend some time and think. Malacca City was established in 1377 by a Sumatran princely and is the capitol of the Malay state of Malacca. It' the oldest town in the straits.

It has preserved the city' s legacy and traditions. You can see this crucible for yourself by exploring the Sri Poyatha Moorthi Temple, a Hindu shrine, and the Malacca Straits Mosque. It' a place full of traditions, and years of evasion by Westerners have kept their legacy abound.

Nara, the oldest city in Japan, is the prefecture of Nara in the Kansai area. It was also Japan's capitol between 710 and 794. Do not miss this city because there are many churches to see. Together with the jungle of Kasugayama, the sanctuaries are known as "The Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara", another UNESCO world heritage site.

Aside from the shrines, the Heijo Palace is definitely a must see for its lovely and well-preserved ramparts and garden. Nara celebrates its 1,300th birthday in 2010. The ceremony marked the city's rise to become the Reichshauptstadt of Japan. Having visited (and still counts) more than fifty major global destinations on three different planets, James is looking for at least two new destinations each year.

Come and see the underworld with us.

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