American Visa for Myanmar Citizen

Myanmar Citizen American Visa

A New Zealand visa service for Myanmar citizens residing in the United States of America. New Zealand detailed visa requirements, application. A Myanmar e visa is required for non-US passport holders. Both a valid passport and a tourist visa are required to enter Myanmar. United States citizens do not require a visa to enter Botswana.

Visa to America for Myanmar

U.S. visa and free form of administration can be obtained through conventional administration and websites without our help and at no charge by accessing the website of the State Department or other websites of theovernment. A group of Myanmar and US businessmen who have joined forces to help the Myanmar residents who are interested in obtaining a visa for America by offering them the best services we can.

Tourist/Business Visa (B-1 & B-2 USA Visa)

Myanmar citizens must obtain a permit to visit America. There' s some disorientation about which type of visum to get. These are both "non-immigrant visas" and are granted only for temporary entry into the USA. or a B-2 visa: B-1 visa: When you' re away on commercial grounds.

Restricted to the negotiations of agreements, advice with partners, disputes, participation in academic, school, vocational or corporate gatherings, congresses, workshops or workshops and other lawful activity of a commercially or professionally character. They may NOT be part of their studies or their real "work" with this type of visas. They need another type of visas.

Every petitioner must have a current identity card, file the petition and payment of the fees and appear for the face-to-face meeting. On both occasions you will have to prove your uniqueness, which includes evidence that you will be coming back to Myanmar. Usually this is achieved by a notice from your employers in which you state that you are free and will be returned on a certain date; a copy of your banking books; home or real estate documentation; invitations; proof of travelling expenses; images of your home, your home, your belongings and any other document that you can prove that you MUST go back to Myanmar.

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