American Travel to Burma

US Trips to Burma

Events in Burma are tragic and incredibly sad. It is possible to cross the border between Burma and Thailand over land for the first time in centuries. Check out our selection of Myanmar holidays and tours. Website of the US Embassy Rangoon: http://burma.usembassy.

gov/Canadian diplomatic contacts are handled by the Australian Embassy. This page also offers you current travel information.

Pack for Burma, but you don't know where to begin? See our hints

I had an astonishing experience in Burma last year. When I think about it, I'd think more about how I'm going to pack for Burma. Didn't think I'd have to hurry to get insect repellent. However, English insect repellent would probably not even work well for Asiatic insects. Thought I' d buy the beautiful Burmese insect repellent and then I wouldn't get any bite.

And I also suspected I didn't need an unshield or watertight clothes. I' m living in London, I thought I knew the rains and I could outlive them! It is my counsel, by trying and by mistake, to pack for Burma. Mosquito repellent and mosquito repellent. When I got to London, I had so many stings that I ended up in prison.

You thought I caught a peculiar illness while travelling. All the others on the trip had the insect repellent and they were all well. Well, at least we know the insect repellent works. Wrap anumbrella. This is very practical in rainy or sunny weather. Yangon's rains during the summer months are so severe that an umbrella will rescue you.

When it' s not rainin', the heat is down and when you're burning lightly, an umbrella makes a sence. I' m spending as much of my spare minute sunbathing in the splendour of the day as possible, but I still found my sunshade very useful. I' m suggesting this on the basis of an experiment that my group and I had in the wet.

In 10 minutes it had been raining so much in Yangon that the rains were at least one of them. Watertight wallet - You are particularly choosy about the state of the currency you trade in Burma. When we got busted in the tsunami, one of the boys we were with had all these US bucks on him and everything got soaked.

In fact, he had to actually spent the next 3 nights letting out his air and then ironing it to make sure that the change was actually accepted. Crunchy, high-quality US Dollar is what they're looking for and how to get the best foreign rates.

While some of them may seem logical, I felt the need to point them out, as they should not be seen as an option when packaging for Burma, but as a must. Believe me, you are traveling a luckier one and coming back a MUCH luckier and hopefully less pruritic traveller.

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