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An American restaurant

The best American restaurants in London, England: TripAdvisor travel reports from London American Restaurants and search by price, location and more. The American restaurants offer excellent food with great prices that everyone will enjoy. Do you fancy an all-American feast? Enjoy the hearty, meaty and tasty cuisine of these restaurants that carry the star-spangled banner.

US Cuisine in London - Restaurant

Americas is the country of decadence and convenience with succulent burger, gold chips, BBQ chops, roasted chickens and sticky Mac'n'Cheese, but you don't have to go all the way to the States to pamper yourself. There are also many American restaurant dining specials for Thanksgiving. Piccadilly Circus' Haymarket in London is full of souvenirs from the greatest blockbuster, Rocky among them.

Enjoy the glittering scenery and eat on all American favorites from lush hamburgers to buffalo wings. Buffalo wines are also available. Situated in the vibrant area of Covent Garden, Christopher's glamour restaurant is an ideal place for lunches after a stroll or an evening meal in front of the play. Featuring classical American cuisine such as Maryland prawn cake, steak and pecans, all of which are presented with a contemporary aura.

Since 1971, one of the most famous restaurant-Hard Rock Cafe has been located at its London office on Old Park Lane in Mayfair. Enjoy burger, smoked sandswiches, poultry wing and take a look at the rock'n'roll memories of some of the world's greatest performers, among them Eric Clapton and John Lennon, in the free Vaultuseum.

Comfortfood is no better than roast chickens in the south and Fancy Funkin chickens in Brixton serve some of the best in the city, with hamburgers, warm welts and delicate stripes to sip in. And for the final treat, a turkey with Mac'n'Cheese while you sip a tasty drink from the BB.

Opened in Soho in 1987, the first Ed's Easy dinner developed into a small restaurant network throughout the city with dining in places like Euston, Victoria and White City. Dinner booklets, from burger to rancho salad, fill the meal, but give room for one of their typical thick milk shakes with flavors like espresso, butter scotch and oréo.

In this small restaurant necklace in Clapham, Aldgate East and Stratford masses of people romp around to eat on juicy grill. Located in the centre of Theatreland, this classical American brewery has been feeding warm dog food, steak and minced lettuce since 1977. Inspired by Joe Allen on Broadway in New York, the London restaurant Joe Allen is also clad in brick and poster and is known for its glittering after-show dinner for top West End heroes.

The Bubba Gump Group. Forrest Gump fans, with Tom Hanks in the lead, will recognize the name as the prawn business Forrest founds with his boyfriend Bubba in Alabama: The Bubba Gump Group. Throughout the restaurant, the subject of the films is the same with funny testimonials and merchandising articles and of course lots of prawns alongside other meals from the deep South of America, such as iambalaya.

The Ned Kitchen in The Ned City of London has a wholesome California kitchen. It is a more sophisticated dining room than the 1950s averages; bricks, drama lights and reddish leathers take the place of mementos. Franco-American dishes at the Electric Restaurant are offered from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m., with egg as the main meal, while dinners include both plain American food with dishes such as chilly chicken dogs and traditional fry dishes such as fillet steaks with beary.

Inspired by their yearly travels to the South, The Blues Kitchen staff created their BBQ-Menue. There are three places throughout London with Camden, Shoreditch and Brixton to enjoy. Dinner is served throughout the entire afternoon with savoury dishes, beginning with a range of egg and sweet delicacies, among them velvety gnocchi in fresh cheesecream icing, best served with groundless drip-tea.

Late in the morning there is a large selection of hamburgers, hot dogs, burritos and ham. You can find places to eat all over the city, such as Soho, Islington and Dalston.

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