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International Trade Service (Rangoon/Burma)

Commercial Service Burma opened in 2014, we are here to help US businesses move in this rich and expanding world. United States Commercial Service offers the following commercial banking and financial support to US businesses interested in the Myanmar markets. For you we can make arrangements for meetings with prospective alliances. First of all, our sector experts will introduce you to selected businesses that have shown an interest in working with you so that you can make the most of your stay in Burma.

International Companyprofile ( "ICP") assists US businesses to assess prospective businesses with trust by delivering in-depth research coverage of Burma's businesses. ICP is a compilation of information that the trade service in Burma has received about a corporation, which includes the latest information about the corporation from public resources, a check of your country's domestic, state, and region press, phone interview with reference (buyers, vendors, and others), and a sales service representative's call to the corporation.

Single Corporate Promotion (SCP) was developed to bring new US businesses to the Myanmar domestic markets and to increase awareness of US goods and US related benefits in Burma. We will work with U.S. corporations and/or their authorised agents to create highly engaging, efficient promotions or other strategy initiatives, such as engineering workshops and introductory sessions to link the U.S. corporation with Myanmar shoppers.

IMC is a first evaluation of the customer's marketing potentials of the products or services that seeks input from the target market's sector players on the products or services. U.S. Commercial Services employees are contacting 5-10 prospective Distributor (or other partners) to determine whether the prospective Distributor or other partner has indicated an interest in a partnership with the U.S. customer for this particular products or services.

Included in the closing statement is an evaluation of potential distributors' or other partners' feedbacks and writing suggestions for the next step for the US trading specialists. There are various business development activities we offer that do not fall into our other types of business development category.

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