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To find current jobs, use the links below to the organisation, department or office. You a teacher who wants to teach with the British Council in Burma? Commence your career by registering with us today! Canadian Embassy in Myanmar, Yangon. The security services for the EU delegation in Myanmar.

Embassy of the United States in Yangon, Burma (Myanmar)

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I' m looking for Us Embassy driving position, my professional 3 years I have " G " year. If you need a message, please call my telephone +95942107444493, e-mail: my answer us message inwaiting. You are invited to exchange your views with the American Embassy - get a visa and other information, locate the property and so on.

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RECP (Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production) program graduation ceremonies in Myanmar took place on June 26 in Yangon. RECP is financed by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) and carried out by UNIDO in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and other EU ministries.

By introducing RECP technologies and methods, the program is aimed at achieving.... the threefold benefits: improved company performance, reduced impacts on the environment and improved workplace and local communitiesâ? Agnes Christeler, Head of Economics and Politics at the Swiss Embassy in Myanmar, gave a key note address on SECO's behalf and presented prizes to the participating enterprises.

In Myanmar, Switzerland is proud to help the small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to achieve sustained economic wellbeing.

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