American Embassy in Myanmar

Embassy of the United States in Myanmar

Embassy of the United States in Yangon, Myanmar. United States Embassy, Rangoon. United States Embassy in Rangoon represents the official diplomatic representation of the U.S. government in Burma (Myanmar), provides assistance to U.

S. citizens and issues visas for foreigners for entry and immigration purposes. It was a matter of course for me that we could do all this at the airport on arrival. The further use of the word "will not help us," he added.

American Chamber of Commerce Myanmar

More than 170 enterprises with more than 20,000 Myanmar citizens have so far signed up to the Chamber. Each of these organizations represents a variety of industry sectors and nations, with the joint objective of expanding the American operations and the highest commercial benchmarks in Myanmar. Myanmar's economic voices. We support the principals of free commerce, open market, the personal sector, full information flows and ethics in all commerce.

It' s essential for our philosphy that good morals and good dealings are the same. The American economy is playing an important part as a catalyzer of beneficial societal transformation by fostering people's well-being and the principle of free entrepreneurship. Acknowledging that U.S. corporations already have the highest standard of ethic trading practice.

Encouraging members to share information about their current programmes and good practice for good governance in the countries in which they work.

Parmaukha refuses deposit for anti-Rohingya protests at the American embassy

Rangoon - One of Myanmar's best-known Myanmar Nazi monk was released on deposit on Tuesday after he was apprehended last year in an anti-rohingya rally at the U.S. Embassy. Buddhist Abbey U Parmaukha was captured this week-end in a seldom action against hard-line clergy who fomented hate against the haunted Muslim Rohingya - a group recently struck by a fatal attack in Rakhine State.

He was accused of his part in a April 2016 demonstration in the US embassy condemning the use of the word "Rohingya" by the US state. Along with the more well-known ultra-nationalist friar U Wirathu, Parmaukha is at the top of the anti-Rohingya mood that has been bubbling in Myanmar for years and often erupts into outbreaks of violent attacks.

The hateful address against the Rohingya has proved positive in recent weeks amidst the intensive worldwide conviction of an armed forces drive out more than 600,000 of the Moslem minorities in two and a half month. UN and non-governmental right-wing groups have charged the armed forces with ethnical cleansings, with Rohingya escapees reporting murders, rapes, arsons and other horrors committed by warriors.

However, the regime, and many in the Buddhaist minority, were defending the army as a raid against Rohingya "terrorists" who assaulted policemen at the end of August. On Monday, the army cleared itself of any abuse in an in-house space station that denies, among other things, that troops had assaulted or violated a civilian.

These results were published prior to the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's Wednesday trip to the South East Asia region, where he is likely to take a strong stand against the army generals. 2. Extensive reporting on Myanmar the latest developments, the latest developments and more.

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