American Curl Shorthair

Shedding American Curl Shorthair

The American Curls are slim and medium in size. Its main characteristic are the backward curved ears. However, his name does not refer to his coat, which can be short-haired or long-haired. Aamerican curl (longhair or shorthair). The American Curl Shorthair is a rather new breed with excellent temperament and striking appearance.


It is a mid-size 5-10 lb (2.3-4.5 kg) mature female at the tender ages of 2-3 years. A Cute kitten is a kitten that starts to ripple within 48hrs. At the end of four month, your hearing will no longer ripple and should lie firmly and stiffly against the root of your auricle.

When it comes to the size of a cat, a domestic animal can have almost even ear, but a show cat must have ear shaped in an arch between 90 and 180° C. The ear can also be used as an earpiece. 90 degree is preferred, but a cat will be discredited if its ear touches the back of the head. American Curls, both long-haired and short-haired, have a smooth, velvety coat that lies close to the body[3] They need little care and like to spend much hair with their masters.

American Curl is still a rare race, but is found worldwide in the United States, Spain, France, Japan, Russia and many other nations.

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American Curl has pronounced wavy eyes, which create a charming arch and give an attentive, cheeky expressiv. It is known as the "Peter Pan" of the cat because it has kept its kittenish character for a lifetime. Curl has two fur types, short hair and long hair. The Curl, with its excellent spirit, is a people-oriented race that is a loving kindred spirit and adapts itself to other domestic animals and kids very well.

American Curls have an autosomally dominating earmarked pinna genes that cause the breed's infamous wavy hair. Catkins are given birth with flat eyes that ripple backwards after three to five consecutive orgasms.

ACRC - Facts and personality traits

American Curls have mid-size bone, so despite their length they are not a tender cats. American Curls are wedged with eye shapes like walnuts. Their peculiarity is of course that their ear arches backwards. They have large big, curved arches of at least 90 degree.

You can see the skin in their ear. Earpieces should be elastic and can be treated without discomfort. American Curls' structure is satin, whether the pile is long or long. On the long curly tail, the length of your head is really more half-long than long.

Acceptance of all colours and designs of curl. It' a live animal. Live with: The Americans Curl is enjoying the day-to-day movement. Although it is not regarded as a "lap cat", the Curl is gladly beside humans. She had the peculiar feature of having backward rolled ear.

Rugas took the kitty into the home, called it Shulamith, and it became the basis of theican curl cattery. As Shulamith got her cats, two of them also had the same wavy hair. Also, one of the cats with wavy hairs was a short-haired female instead of Shulamith's longer-haired one.

The Shulamith and her amazing cats soon attracted the interest of cats lovers and the race, known as American Curl, began to draw those interested in raising and show. It has been recognised for show in the Championships at shows.

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