American Curl Longhair

Longhair American Curl

SGC IW Curland Gucci/ID Purple Silver Lynx (Tabby) Point/White. The best American Curl Longhair kitten of the year Overear Dropsofjupiter Red Silver Shaded/White. American Curls, both long-haired and short-haired, have soft, silky coats that lie flat against the body. A introduction to the American Curl breed. Find out everything about American Curl breeders, health, care and more.

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One of the most important breeds of dog breeds is the California Curl race, bred in 1981. The name Shulamith is the origin of all kittens of America Curl. In 1986 the first was shown which aroused great interest among cattery lovers. Numerous kennel programs were established and the British kitten genetics expert Roy Robinson assisted in the evolution of the cattery.

Additional research on the race's heath has shown that it is a very sane race without genetics deficiencies. This race not only looks particularly singular, but also has a fantastical character. It is very lively and cheerful, but very loyally. They' re very taken with their owner and enjoy being part of all the housekeeping work. They often follow them around the hous.

They' re quite calm but if they want something, they will twitter or tickle softly to attract your spot. The American Curls are designed for the family with kids and other domestic animals, as they are quite flexible due to their relaxed state. No feedbacks exist for this race yet.

Longhair introduction to kittens and cubs

American Curls are one of America's indigenous races, a mid-size female with one-of-a-kind ear shapes that roll out and back in a charming arch, giving the female a uniquely watchful look. Curved and cheeky eyes give the cats a cheerful look that quickly puts a big face on anyone who sees them.

American Curl's history begins on a warm, sun-drenched June 1981 in Lakewood, California, when Joe and Grace Ruga found a longhaired silken cat with strange little eyes on their back doors. This loving kitty quickly became popular with the Ruga's and was called Shulamith and all American Curls go back to her.

Shulamith had her first kitten in December 1981 and two of the four had the same curled eyes as her mum. They started a global debate about the genetic makeup of the uncommon hair. In 1983 cats lovers developed selected pedigree programmes to preserve the genes and create a race from them.

Simultaneously the singular feminine females were introduced to present this seldom novelty in the cattery. Well-known British kitten genetics expert Roy Robinson worked with the breeder and analysed the results of 383 kitten from 81 catteries. In other words, every female with only one copy of the genes shows the characteristic.

Curly hair is a inquisitive, effusive and affectionate companion who looks for new challanges and adventure every where. You want to be with you all the way, whether you sleep in your bedroom at nights or curl up on your laps to see your favourite show. Her kittenish characters have given her the name Peter Pan of the cat.

There are American Curls in long hair and short hair and a variety of colours. Whereas the wavy ear is the main characteristic of this particular race, the large walnut-shaped eye and the mid-size rectangle are other important features of the American curly. The American Curls are all designed with straigth-eared. After 3-5 and a half day they begin to ripple back into a rosebuds and unfold softly like a leaf of a roses until they have reached their definitive form after about 16 s. The roses are then ready for use.

There can be many different levels of ripples in the shape of the outer surface of the head, from almost flat to an arch of 90-180ยบ. In order to guarantee the race's good genetics and variety, growers carry out crossbreeding with non-waved eared outcrosses. A minimum of 50% of this kitten have wavy hair.

100 percent of catkins in curling to cattery have wavy eyes. They still have the whole character of their waved brothers and are just as charming domestic animals. A crimping or curling motion of the heart influences the tissues of the brain, which remain solid when touched - it should never be rigid or flaccid.

It is important, however, that the ear is not broken and that the ear is never compelled into abnormal states. The American Curls are balance, middle size females with a round shaped skull, a strong catch and a pronounced whiskered cushion. You have an elegance, attentive look with a cute, open look and her noteworthy eard.

Both have a smooth, velvety coat, while the long-haired American Curl also has a nicely feathered cock.

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