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At the moment we have a number of American Curl Kittens. If you can save a life, why buy an American Curl kitten for sale? View pictures of American Curl kittens in rescue missions near you who need a home. ACR Kittens for Sale with current and expected litters. More information/ pictures and prices visit our website http://www.

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Cats now available......... He' s 4-1/2 months old and looks like he's only 2 months old he will be the "forever kitten" in height and person. To see more pictures of Star, click on one of his pictures. You can click on pictures to go directly to a page for each of the kittens on this page to see more of each.

Patch's a little old brunette gal. To view more pictures of patch, click on the pictures below. Patch could be a show/breededcat or simply the cutest domestic animal of all time. This was taken when the patch was just 4-1/2 month old. Patching would help reduce the sizes in any breeder-programme. You can click on pictures to go directly to a seperate page for these kittens with more pictures of each one.

We' re considering bringing Mo to the exhibition hall as a kitty now, but as a companion when he's 8-month-old. You can click on pictures to go directly to a seperate page for these kittens with more pictures of each one. Jewellery is 4 weeks old in these pictures. No more pictures of these three kittens.

If they are more co-operative, we will take more photographs and make their own page with them. because the lights were so dim. Socialize our kittens. For the past 16 years we've found out what we can do for our new kittens to help us grow these great people you can see on our test magazine page.

Normally I make a page for each roll, where I can add brief description of their characters and some video. Use the navigation at the top of the page or the link on this page to go directly to each page to see more pictures of the kittens.

When you are interested in a particular cat and need more information to help me determine which kittens are best suited for your home, please send me an e-mail to or call one of the numbers below. We need a 50% down payment (via Paypal) to keep a cat.

As soon as the kitty is contractually bound, we will move all information about your kitty to a "Kitten Sold" page so that you can view its evolutionary photographs and video. It eliminates the need for confusing which kittens are available. Call us or mail us for more information or information about our kittens or adulthood.

"We' re constantly being asked the prices of our kittens. I' m not posting this on this website because we don't think it's right to be encouraging folks to "shop" for their next member of the household.... and that's what our newborns are. We' re saying that our kittens "become part of our familiy before they become part of yours", because that's the ultimate reality.

We' re treating them like a part of the familiy and we' re expecting their new owner to do the same. Any one of the better sides to research that conversations about the race exactly and will give you an anticipation of what you can anticipate to get paid for a thoroughbred American Curl is: .

It says: "Adopt an American Curl kitten or a cat: The rates for American Curl kittens are very different. Pure-bred American Curls are priced around $1,000-$2,000 or more when sourced from licensed breeder, with pet-quality kittens at the lower end of the range and showing superiority.

An American Curl is one of those pets that has a very good look. Some American Curls pets actually have perfectly flat ears, but still have the attractive curl character, physical-styled, and cloak-like look. "Basic care for kittens..... Reservation of a kitty from a prospective mating........ Reservations can be made for a "kitten of your choice" with a "Reserved Kitty Sale Agreement". In principle, this purchase contract ensures you a "choice of litter" from a forthcoming one.

A very small down payment is required to verify your intent to purchase when you give back this reserved kitty sale contract. Once the kittens are delivered and you have chosen a particular kitty, I will substitute this contract with a purchase contract for the kitty of your choosing requiring a full down payment.

You will be asked for a 50% down payment of the kitten's total cost and we will send you a contract of sale for your new cattery. Remaining amount of the sale prize + other expenses (e.g. castration, inoculations, microchips, postage, etc.) are due 15 working nights before consignm. For a Reserved Kitty Sale Contract, please feel free to send me an e-mail to the following number.

If you would like more information about our kittens, please send an e-mail to or call us. based on the comments we're getting from our new curl proprietors. There was a new landlord who called us on her mobile on the way home from the airfield to tell us that she couldn't believe that her new American Curl cat kissed her daughter's nostrils and was lying on a small hand towel placed on her daughter's knee in the vehicle on her way home after a coastal -to-coast trip.

Others say that our baby's sleep on their pillows next to them.... their first overnight in their new home. To get individual feedback from the owner of our kittens, please see some of the funny commentaries and lovely pictures of the new kittens' owner on our testimonial page.

This we believe is a product of the loving and attentive approach they receive from us before they find their new home..... Kittens are loving, loving, loving, loving us.... they also like their new owner.

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