American Curl


This curl is characterised by its strikingly shaped ears, but even without them it is a striking cat with a sweet expression. American Curl is a cat breed with unusual ears that retreat from the face to the middle of the skull. Characteristic of the curl are its unusual ears, which curl backwards instead of standing up and coming to a point. The American Curl Cat Breed Guide: Learn more about the American Curl Cat and what makes this breed so unique.

Eleven facts about the breed CCAT

Well, if wavy pets are your thing, then you need to take a look at the one-of-a-kind curl - an eternal kitty with the most one-of-a-kind ear you've ever seen. She has a plus character, likes everyone and does well in new circumstances. It is a race of cats that brings your own hearing to life.

Exactly how do these honed ear pieces get their form? So how do curled kittens get these curled eyes? During childbirth, the ear of the dog is upright, but three to five short weeks later it begins to ripple backwards. However, only at the tender 4 month of life do their hearing take on its eternal form, which ranges from almost even to a 90-180 degree bend.

It is the curve of the eye that decides whether the American Curl is animal footage or show-floor-grade. Are those wavy hairy eyes affecting her sense of hearing? No. Their waved form does not interfere with their sense of hearing at all. Like a lynx, the American Curl cartilaginous hair has outward-facing bundles of coat that give it a royal, curved look but no more noise issues.

It is a good practice to test your ear for growth every week - just to be on the safest side. Where did the creation of the curl race come from? One of the youngest races in the cattery. Discovery in June 1981 in Lakewood, California, the first African Curl was a darkly beautiful girl called Shulamith.

Later she gave rise to a kittens' kitten, all of which bore her hallmark, the wavy ear, and a new race was brought into the world, as they say. An American Curl's plum-like prick (reminiscent of a plum boa) is another bodily feature that appeals to cat lovers - and increases the race's sophistication.

are known to be malignant. She has a way of doing mischief. She is known to be a big follower of fetal and likes to go high in the air. On the other hand, America Curl is taking her awakening call very seriously. As soon as the clock goes off, the curl wakes up, kissing your nostrils, giving your eyes a few patches and immediately starts to lick your fur to make sure you get up and are on schedule.

Just like a canine, American Curl is about people - loyal, caring and caring in every situation. American Curl is a very flexible, socially responsible race that likes everyone - regardless of race or years. Although the American Curl has an irrepressible character, she is still a very calm kitten.

In contrast to being chatty, she tends to vocalise her thoughts more mutedly - about trill-like cous that look like sound in her ear. American Curl likes to welcome her favourites with a smooth headbutt that shows how much she worries - ideal for those looking for a cuddly friend.

Die Ame-tan Curl is the "forever kitten" of the cattery. Because of her eternally young, kitten-like character, which continues to live into adult life, the American Curl was described as Peter Pan of the cat world - just like the fictional boy who never grew up. You got an mahogany curl?

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