American Curl


The American Curl cats are enchanting, very unique looking cats. You can read about the American Curl cat breed, including facts, history, personality traits and what it's like to live with one. American Curl is distinguished by its unique ears, which retreat in a graceful arch and create an attentive, cheerfully surprised expression. American Curl is named after its characteristic ear shape. The American Curl is a graceful, clever cat with unique wavy ears.

Race profile: It' the curl.

Featuring eye-catching decorations that could have been designed by a legend cap artist, and lush feathered cocks resembling a luxury bouquet of feathers, the American Curl has a global audience in reverence. They are characterized by truly one-of-a-kind hearing, which retreat in a charming arch and offer an attentive, cheeky, cheerfully surprising facial appearance, and let men burst into a big grin while watching their first curls.

Specifically created by Mother Nature, the ear can be compared to that of a lynx, with long clusters that fan outwards and underline the look of the curl, while adding to the overall refinement, style, elegance and dynamism. Clock is ringing and appears under the blanket to begin the outing.

Then, your concentration is on the gushing little curve face, and another full moon begins. He is a truly one-of-a-kind person. Since they keep their kitten-like character also in the adult age, they are called Peter Pan of the cats. If curls are spawned, their hearing is even. They begin to ripple again in 3 to 5 working nights, remain in a narrow rose bud posture and develop slowly until they "settle" at about 16 inches.

That is the period when the breeder determines the kitten's ears either as a domestic animal or as a show, in supplement to the kitten's overall constitution. There can be a wide range of different levels of arching, from almost flat (pet quality) to a show-quality 90-180° arch that resembles a gracious shell-like warpage.

Though the uniqueness of the American Curl is its unique wavy ear, the mid-size square shape, the silken fur and the expression-strong, walnut-shaped eye are characteristic for the race. Available in both long and short colours and patterns, and because there is only a minimum amount of sub-wool, the curl loses little and needs little care.

In 1981, on a typically warm June morning, a long-haired alley-loving, fun-eared male kitten mooned and fed a dinner of Joe and Grace Ruga in Lakewood, California. "Shulamith " is the primal curl of America, to which all bona fides traced their origins. Nobody knew that this easy meeting and the babies' babies' birth six month later would give rise to a global discussion about the genetic Behind these unusually wavy eyes.

In 1983, when breeders began to selectively cultivate, they started to cultivate American Curl with the aim of creating a show-race. Prices for American Curls generally depend on the types, marks and blood lines differentiated by Grand Champion (GC), National or Regional Victorious Parents (NW or RW) or Distinguished Merit Parent (DM).

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