Amazing places in Myanmar

Stunning places in Myanmar

Inle Lake, Shwe Indein Pagoda. Visit one of the most beautiful and richest places in Myanmar: Lake Inle. It is a beautiful pagoda in a remote, remarkable setting - not to be missed. Also the nature around Lake Inle is absolutely breathtaking. Are you dreaming of places far away from modern civilization?

The three pines you can see in Burma

These are three wonderful places you can involve as you travel to Burma. Bagan, the antique town, is one of the most exceptional places in the world. The majority of the population just can't believe that this old town is genuine, but Bagan has been around since 849 AD and was the capitol of the pagan empire from 1044 to 1287.

Featuring a warm year round weather and a fistful of urban properties, it is a great place to discover hidden places around every corner. It can also be accessed by ship, coach or rail from the main towns in Burma. The Nyaungshwe Township in the Taunggyi District of Shan State is a gorgeous fresh water pond.

It is a quiet 13 mile long sea known to travelers for its reflecting sea, its breathtaking sunsets and its wonderful primeval environment. If you are a lover of the outdoors, the pond is a must for your pail lists. There is also a vast catalog of water-based wildlife and marine life, which includes 20 snails and nine types of sea life found only in Inle lake; these types are found nowhere else in the game.

And then there are the lovely people who are worth observing their everyday work on the water all days, which is not an obstacle but a help in their work. More than 4 leagues of perfectly beaches and year round sunny weather, Ngapali is the embodiment of a heaven for lovers of the outdoors.

Two of the major causes why visitors come to this pristine sandy area, although there are other avenues. At Ngapali Beaches you can eat fresh sea food every single night and participate in a variety of outdoor pursuits such as angling, snorkeling, golf or touring.

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