Amazing Hotel Yangon

Astonishing Hotel Yangon

The Amazing Bagan Resort promises each guest an unsurpassed ambience and a personal service that is tailored to their individual needs. Breakfast is amazing, but everything else is very overpriced for Mynamar. See all Amazing Hotels & Resorts. Cards are now mainly accepted in hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops. The Rose Garden Hotel in Yangon, Myanmar:

Alaska Hotel, The Best in Yangon - Report by Melia Yangon, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

Melia Yangon must now be the best in Yangon, although it is not fully functional (the resort and some of the F&B outlet stores were not yet open during our last sojourn in February 2017). Our personnel is very well educated and very effective and welcoming - from the arrival to the check-in desk and in the restaurants and bars.

And after only two breakfasts, the employees even recalled our early drinks and took them straight to us! Thanks, Melia Yangon. Your detailed descriptions of the property are highly appreciated and we are delighted that you have found everything to your full satisfaction. Let us tell you that we recently opened our Olea Mediterranean restuarant, therefore we are offering our customers a wide range of F&B facilities in all 3 currently open restuarants.

Our Garbo and YHI Spa will open in mid 2017 and conclude the full opening of Meliá Yangon.

A stunning retrospective of the Jasmine Palace in Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

It is a sound 4-star resort half way between the Yangon city centre and the city. The rooms were well equipped with electricity, a free (limited) mini bar and a good warm slush. I had a good and good buffetfast in the roof top restaurants, nothing really impressive, but still better than some 5-star restaurants I spent the night in.

And I think it will satisfy all your needs and is much more accessible than some of the real estate in town.

Amazoning hotell - Review of Rose Garden Hôtel Yangon, Yangon (Rangoon)

I' ve been there twice to admire the free river of wines. Types of cheeses & loaves are a great couple with red, white and sparkling wines. There is also some pork and cold cuts for meats enthusiasts. I would like more meats like BBQ. JSai_Ygn, thank you for being a "regular guest" of our wines and cheeses every third Thursday.

We also offer our Sunday roast and Latin Affair, every Sunday afternoon, inclusive use of the swimming pools.

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