Amazing Hotel Ngapali Myanmar

Astonishing Hotel Ngapali Myanmar

Yours sincerely The management team of Amazing Hotels & Resorts. Villas & Spa Ngapali Bay: The fishermen bring the catch of the day to Ngapali, one of Myanmar's best beach destinations. The Amazing Ngapali Resort is located in the village of Zee Phyu Gone, on the famous old Ngapali Beach, an unspoiled and self-contained beach on the Bay of Bengal. It really is one of the friendliest and most attentive hotels in Myanmar.

AMAZING, Amazing Ngapali Resort - Review of Amazing Ngapali Resort, Ngapali, Myanmar

Situated in a verdant environment, this wonderful seaside retreat is ideal on one of the most stunning Ngapali shores, surrounded by palms; there are very few resorts, so few local population. Our desired room corresponded in every way to our wish with seaview, near the swimming pools, but above !..... and so well !

I' m thinking of our guests near the swimming pools with a view of the ocean at sundown. Only luck! Also, keep in mind that the hotel can make you some morning and free of charge by visiting an authentic spot where you can find a fisherman's paradise or a fishermen's town.

Amazoning hotel - Review of Ngapali Bay Villas & Spa, Ngapali, Myanmar

It is marvellous to go for a mansion on the shore with diving basin. The breakfast was good and you have a nice look at the sea. Maybe you read the renowned "Glass Palace" of Amitav Gosh or just listen to the relaxed sounds of the sea, at the end of a Myanmar trip you should stop at Ngapali Island.

More about Amazing

Aung Myo Min Din, Chairman and Founding Director of Adventure Myanmar Tours & Incentives, started Amazing Hotels & Resorts. U Zay Ya Min Din, CEO of Amazing Hotels and Resorts, has managed all real estate since its inception.

He graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineer and worked as Chief Engineer in several multinational five-star Singapore and Myanmar based companies. He leads the Amazing Hotel & Resort network effectively with his expertise and expertise. Furthermore, all Amazing Properties are totally and singularly different from other Myanmar properties due to the marvellous architectural design of Dr. Cho Oo, who received his doctorate in Japan.

It conveys and emphasises the eastern cultures and customs of the individual hotel. Since 1996 she has been Head of Reservations and is one of the Amazing Hotel Group's forerunners. Combining the talent of the Chairman, Managing Director, Architect and General Manager of the Group, all from the hotel and tourist industry, the managers have a deep knowledge of the type of guest, the essentials of each building, the level of service and the general expectation to please the people.

In 2000 the first Amazing Hotel, the Hotel Amazing Kaytu (Taungoo), was founded, three years later the second kid - Paramount Inle Resort in Inle Lake - and next year the third Herz und die Seele, a charming holiday place Amazing Ngapali Beach (Ngapali Resort).

Amazing Hotel & Resorts continues its successful development with the launch of Amazing Nyaung Shwe Hotel, creating a new benchmark for a real Nyaung Shwe hotel with boutiques and landmarks. Amazon Hotels & Resorts are stylishly decorated boutiques that offer our esteemed clients comprehensive accommodation and personalised service.

Every hotel and residence has its own breathtaking architectonic style, in total harmonious with its environment. With the inauguration of Amazing Bagan Resorts, Amazing Hotels and Resorts continued to flourish to take a look at the "land of a million pagodas" in Bagan. The year 2011 saw the Breeze (See Seim) resorts on the next Yangon coast, Chaung Tha.

Mandalay, the historical capitol, was given its Hotel Amazing Mandalay in 2014 to honour the old fame of Myanmar. Ananta is the latest Amazing Hotels & Resorts project and means "endless" or "infinite". In 2015, the real estate in Bagan - Ananta Bagan - and Ananta Inle on the shore of Lake Inle were opened.

Ananta is a blend of traditional and modern in a four-star hotel-store hotel suite. Further inaugurations in 2015 are the Amazing Keng Tong Resort's recently opened resort, situated in the immediate vicinity of Kyaing Tong's commercial, recreational and major attractions; the Amazing Chaung Tha Resort on Chaung Tha Strand, a getaway from the city's bustling pace of living and a breath of paradise.

Surprisingly proud, this enchanting hotel in the centre of the busy and gripping Mandalay is said to be a great place to stay for locals and internationals, travellers and businessmen. As well as the Amazing real estate currently available, another new residential area will be added in Ngapali in the near-field.

However, the decisive factor for the succes of Amazing Hotels & Resorts are the humans who let the charm work. Reservations personnel at headquarters, hotel receptionists, housekeepers, engineers, stewards, gardeners, waiters and chefs - the team's aim is to surpass guests' expectation by providing a pleasant, unforgettable and pleasant holiday and a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere full of joyful reminiscences of their time in Myanmar.

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