Amazing Hotel Myanmar

Astonishing Hotel Myanmar

This beach near the hotel is so clean and beautiful! Discounts at Amazing Ngapali Resort in Ngapali, Myanmar. Amazon Hotels & Resorts are boutique hotels rich in traditional styles that offer our guests a complete hospitality experience and personalized service. The Amazing Bagan Resort promises each guest an unsurpassed ambience and a personal service that is tailored to their individual needs. Truly amazing hotel, great value for money!

AMBING HOTEL - Review of Amazing Ngapali Resort, Ngapali, Myanmar

At the end of a 2-week vacation we came for 3 nights. The room wasn't finished on arriving (but three other groups arriving on the same plane immediately got their rooms), so we set out to get some food and waiting to checked in. We had reserved a room with a seaview, but we were very disillusioned with the view: Yes, we could see the panorama, but it was clearly blocked.

For a wider selection of dining options, you should concentrate on the central shore. While we wanted to do some daily trips, despite the hotel booklet indicating that they were walking on the dates we were there when we inquired at the front desk, we were informed that they were walking on different dates.

The Sunset Season is inexpensive and a nice way to enjoy the sunset (there are also a few free bars on offer). It' s an extremely pricey place, so we chose to go somewhere else, but the range of breakfasts is very wide. You' ll receive free flip-flops and a cap to take home at the end of your sojourn. Free daily refreshments.

Thank you for taking the opportunity to tell us about your visit to Amazing Ngapali Resort. Sorry you have to wait for your room, but in most of the hotel rooms around the globe it can occur that former visitors check out at lunchtime and you cannot be lodged until the room is cleand.

In some cases, the check-outs are sooner and it is also possible to book in this room before then. Some rooms do not checkout early in the mornings and not all rooms do. Hospitality is always more pricey than street dining, which is usually run by families, hence the price differential.

We' re happy you used our free service: snack, flip-flops and caps. Team at Amazing Ngapali Resort.

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