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The Bagan Residence of Amata - My dream hotel. Ngapali Beach, Thandwe. Relax at the Inle Princess Resort in Inle Lake. The Aureum Inle Resort and Spa. Late afternoon we reach the Mountain Oasis Resort on the lower slope of Mt Victoria, where we will stay for six nights.

Friedlich - Review of Amata Resort and Spa, Ngapali, Myanmar

There is a breathtaking entry to this resort. The end of the shore is also untouched and the personnel take great pains to keep it at an outstanding level. Sitting in a room with a stunning seaview, we often remained on our balconies and watched the sun set while we sipped on teatro.

Your restauarant was exquisite when overexpensive (you pay substantially for the view). Don't go on one of the occidental dishes, try their shellfish. The shellfish plate as well as the shrimp crème Masala were incredibly delicious. The hotels have many outside dining establishments offering similar meals for a small part of the price.

Their breakfasts, however, have been enhanced, although they offer a broad range of foods. The rating is the personal judgment of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

We are very happy with the whole organization of the journey after the return from a 6 day journey through Myanmar.

We are very happy with the whole organization of the journey after the return from a 6 days long Myanmar journey. Ms. Ngan Do has selected a very perfect route, the selected guides (Ms. May July, Mr. Thet Soe Linn and Mr. Kyaw Kyaw), the driver and the hotel as well as the connection flight - everything was well worked out and all moduls from the first to the last minute fully put together.

The whole route has fully met our expectation and we can advise H.I.T. Indochina to anyone who plans an individual led journey in the near term, many thanks for many beautiful memories! You can find more pictures and programmes of these clients here! Some party. Choosing a hotel was a great addition to a great route.

You can find more pictures and programmes of these clients here! We' re a pair of over 60 years old who travelled to Myanmar with HIT INDOCHINA for 4 consecutive 4 week trips in Dec 2016 - based on the company's plans with us, patient and with fast responses - throughout the journey - everything went smoothly.

You can find more pictures and programmes of these clients here! Great Myanmar! Our experiences with this Hanoi-based business from my very first e-mail to the end of the trip in mid-January 2017 were nothing but great. We' ve selected Myanmar's best places - Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Heho (Inle Lake), Ngapali Beach, Yangon - 12 nights - which fly between the towns and stay in 3-star-hostels.

All on the trip was first-rate - e-mail contact, deposits and closing charges, hotel, guides, driver, cars, restaurants, airplane passes, flight transfer, routes and entrance charges - everything was inclusive of the prize (we tipped the guide and driver who were not awaited but were cordially received).

It would be no hesitation to suggest this venture to anyone planning to visit not only Myanmar but also other Asian countries. You can find more pictures and programmes of these clients here! Recently four of us ended a fantastic vacation in Myanmar organized by HIT Indochina, where we talked about Mrs. Ngan Do.

Everything went smoothly on the trip itself. Every meeting and transfer worked perfectly, and all our guests and riders were first class. They all knew their territory inside out and communicate very well. We have asked several people to deviate from the route and the guide has been pleased to advise us on how we can make the most of our experiences.

So we drove to Yangon, Bagan, Pindaya and Lake Inle and really loved every stop. From Yangon to Bagan we took a little missionary trip (19 hours!), but we all agree that it was one of the most unforgettable experience we had, and the trip from Bagan to Mandalay, which we would all strongly recommem.

You can find more pictures and programmes of these clients here! Preparations were well made, because the guide met us at the airport and brought us around in a personal car. Most of the time, the English speaking guide was very competent. We would have found it useful if the leaders had given us an overview of all the sights in each place and a selection of what we would have liked to see, but that was not a big problem.

I think we really enjoy the journey. You can find more pictures and programmes of these clients here! It was an astonishing journey where the plans were very good and the leaders knew about the areas of Myanmar we were visiting. We travelled physically, a lot of hikes, treks, hiking, but that' s what we wanted and we liked Myanmar.

You can find more pictures and programmes of these clients here! You can find more pictures and programmes of these clients here! HIT staff beginning with Ms. Ngan Do and all our tour guide on our tour of Burma was really great. You can find more pictures and programmes of these clients here!

We' ve just got back to Seoul, after eight nights in Myanmar. They all did an outstanding work - but the man from Mandalay was a true eye-catcher. I send some pictures of the travel leader under a seperate envelope and only a small insight into our times in Mandalay.

Will you please forward these pictures to the tourist office with my thanks? When you have an idea for a ride, please let me know. I' ve got an e-mail to the crib in Bagan to thank him for all the trouble and to come to the eatery! I had a great time with my travel companions who made my journey unforgettable! was very skiddy and difficult to run in the silt.

Paradise Nyangshwe was by far the best, it only needs a swimmingpool to provide great accommodation. In Kalaw I know this is about as good as it is for the situation and the motel was great for 1 evening, but no safety deposit box. There was a better place in Bagan, though.

Arthawka Hotel needs to work on how clear the swimming pools are, the pools had mold on its tile. I' m pleased to be able to recommend your trip to Myanmar, but I suggest that you choose the hotel where you would like to be. Again many thanks for the provision of great venues and great guidebooks.

Hello Mr. Van Hoang, we really enjoy our journey. He and the rider were so kind and everything went so well. It was a beautiful and beautiful place. Mrs Anh, sorry I'm late, but I've been very occupied since my return from Myanmar. Our leaders, without exceptions, were all marvelous, and so were the riders.

I heard from my uncles that he really had a good stay with our company (a journey organized and planned by you). I' m glad he enjoyed his journey the most. I' had a very enjoyable journey, all thanks to you. I' ve also posted a feedback about Jump Adviser using the provided links.

Sorry, we didn't answer right after our Myanmar tour: We were very occupied during this period! However, we have to send you a letter, because we now experience a wonderful experience every single working days in your area. And, of course, we know for sure that it is because every member of your staff industrious, core to do every single of our daily visits to Myanmar, safe, unforgettable and wonderful!

First, many thanks to the travel agent of HIT Indochina Company - Van Hoang, who helps us to organize and organize our journey without any problems. All during our journey was on schedule, comfortable and pleasant! All the members of the crew who took part in the preparations for our journey did a very good work and served us very well!

This is very important to get an exzellenten view of the wonderful and unique land Myanmar! And.... thanks to ALL riders who did their jobs well! Again, dear fellows, you have had a wonderful 11 fun and joyful 11 nights in our lives, and now Myanmar is a very good place for us, and if our lives allow us to return to your enchanting land, we would like to be with you again, dear fellows of HIT Indochina Companys!

And, of course, we will be recommending such an excursion to our best friend at any time. We' ve just got back from our journey to Myanmar and I thought you might be interested in some of our thoughts about the journey. First and foremost everything went according to plan and we are very thankful for your help and the help of all your Myanmar mates.

The driver and driver were always there to see us as scheduled, the hotel was always as indicated and there were no unpleasant surprise. Every travel book was an authority on its field and everyone felt at ease proposing changes and amendments to our program, and we believe that this regional authority has significantly increased the enjoyment of our itinerary.

Incidentally, we especially valued your phone call during our journey to make sure everything went well. Like in Myanmar, it was not very good and only worked in the foyer. Bagan. Bagan Thande is a beautiful place, especially the beautiful patio with a view of the city.

The supper was delicious on the beautiful patio and the motel is close to other places that gave us some change during our 3-night sojourn. Well, I think this place is worth more than three star. Mandalay City Hôtel. Beautiful swimming pools. The Princesses. Strangely enough, the connections to the web were among the best in the whole journey.

The Pindaya Inle Inn. This is a very charming "bungalow" motel surrounded by beautiful garden and with a beautiful dinning room - probably the most beautiful dinning room of the wholejourney. lnle lake: This is Amata Garden Resort. That was by far the greatest frustration of the journey. But it' s out of place - our leader said it was like a clinic; we thought it was like any airporthotel from Hong Kong via Frankfurt to Chicago.

This is a ludicrous place in a region that is nice and charms. So we were compelled to stay 3 consecutive night in the main dining room, which was more than twice as much as any other place on the whole itinerary. Also, the eatery is huge, not very appealing and loud - especially as the resort seems to serve large groups.

There are many other hotels on Lake Inle that are much more charming, better situated and cheaper. The Mrauk & Shwe Thazin Hotell. That is a nice thought, which does not meet the standard of Bagan Thande; the place is quite ordinary - the room itself is quite dull, but the meals are fine.

The Ngapali Beaches. pleasantview resort. There are two places to eat - one on an islet in front of the sea - which is probably the most attractive place on the whole Ngapali coast (although it is difficult to get there at high water - either you have to walk through knee-deep waters or take a somewhat unsteady boat to it).

The Myanmar Life Accommodation. It was probably the poorest of the tour, although it is possible that more contemporary parts of the hotels are better. It is recommended that you find another resort, especially for those who fly early in the mornings. Leader: Each guide has been very kind and competent in their respective areas - we like to use our own guide books for this very reason: they know the detail of their areas better than guide books that go around the area.

In Bagan, Mandalay, Kyaing Tong and Maruk U the best were the best. Thanks again for the outstanding organization and the fact that all aspects of the journey went exactly as foreseen. Even if there is a website where you would like to make a statement about our journey, we are ready to do so.

We would be pleased to know your name if there is someone we should get in touch with for such a journey. All our guests were very good, the hotel was better than anticipated and very comfy. Particularly we liked the warm swimmingpools in Kalaw, the Inle Lake Resort and the Strandhotels in Thandwe.

All we had to say is that we were accommodated at the Royal Park View Hotel in Pyin-Oo- Lwin in one of the old rooms, which was fine, but it seemed as if it hadn't been redecorated in 20 years and the bath room had filthy sides and was very simple. Hi, Van Hoang, nice to hearing from you.

When we had leave Myanmar, we went to Thailand and remained there for the remainder of the months to return to the USA on March 1. I' ve got some thoughts about the trip. I would suggest that you tell East Hotel that your customers should be allocated rooms on the fifth and upstairs.

Whilst we were enjoying the Yadnarapon Dynasty Hotel (probably the most beautiful hotel we spent the night in Myanmar) in Mandalay, Mandalay was a little disappointing overall. If I was to make this journey now, I would just slice Mandalay out completely and divide those two dates between Bagan and Inle Lake - or maybe even both to Inle Lake, which was the place where we had the least amount of free but very interesting and there seemed to be a whole host of things that could have been done with a little more work.

We collapsed at Inle Lake last day as we drove back to Nuang Shwe for dinner, a tour of the vineyards and the airfield. Thazin Garden Hotel in Bagan was very friendly and the personnel was outstanding and alert. We were enjoying our huts on stilt at Paramount Lodge in Inle Lake.

It was a lot of pleasure to organize the sightseeing and cookery lessons at the Monsoon Restuarant, our last day in Yangon. We had a different guide to the lists, I think. The English language skills of all our instructors are good. The leaders were very competent and supportive. Have a great journey! Thank you!

The leaders and riders were all awesome! Great memorable memories during the journey through their experience and work. Innu and I were both very much struck by the level of services we had on this vacation, both in organizing all our travel and flight arrangements and in the expertise of our riders and leaders.

They drove us directly to the evening meal, where we would have liked to be brought back to the hotels to relax or at least to freshen up, as we were very sleepy and had an early departure the next da. He was a very competent and really kind man.

HoIl-- It was a good resort, it had a beautiful big room and the meal in the restaurants was cute. Again, the leader was very competent as he was a native Inle Lake man. But I wouldn't say he was as accessible as the Bagan Leader and generally didn't seem as fortunate or as enthusiat.

We were very dissapointed that we only had 45 min. at our disposal, because we were very much looking forward to it and wanted to have a good time. HoIl-- Rinehill Resort in Kalaw was fine, the rooms were a bit run down, but it was very nice.

The floatings resort in Inle Lake was very beautiful, except for the one we thought was abandoned. Since there is no possibility to dine anywhere else on the pond, we were compelled to go to the same place every evening, and we were sick of eating here on some occasion.

It may be a good time for prospective clients to be able to stay here or in a downtown resort, as it was a frustration not to see or go anywhere after the guide/boat had sent us. HoIl-- Ngapali was a really good resort, the room was beautiful and the situation was perfectly.

It' s been really great to relax and have some free according to last week's full itinerary. I would not recommend having dinner with the guests on the last evening, as it did not seem appropriate to me and we would have enjoyed our last dinner together.

HoIl-- Please see commentaries on your flight to the East Hôtel, I would not suggest this one.

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