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The Amata Ngapali Beach Resort & Spa extends along the coast of Ngapali Beach Myanmar. REVIEW: Amata Ngapali Beach Resort is located near the small village of Mya Pyin on Ngapali Beach in Myanmar. Amata Resort and Spa is the most exclusive international beach resort hotel stretching along the beautiful coast of Ngapali, Myanmar's main beach. Ngapali Amata Beach Resort & Spa, Ngapali - Myanmar. Check prices and find the best deal for Amata Resort & Spa.

Wonderful time with Amata Ngapali - Review of Amata Resort and Spa, Ngapali, Myanmar

We' had 4 evenings here at the end of a trip and it was the ideal place to just sit back and do nothing! Just like in Thailand in the past - a few really nice beacheside resorts and just a few shabby small group diners behind them.

Hardly anyone was at the shore, no masses of people. Approximately one kilometer along the shore there were some fishermen's cafes, which all lay together on the shore. One night we went along the shore to them - if the sun is not too full, you need a beacon. The beer in the room cost $4 a glass, in the restaurant behind it it was $2 - but it really matters where you want to have it.

One night we asked for a physician - we wanted to go the next night. Of course, a towel for the deck chairs on the shore is available. In any case, the hotels offers free transfer services. We have 2 ATM machines next to the guesthouse, so you can easily get more cash.

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On Ngapali Beaches in Myanmar, Amata is one of the best beaches in Myanmar. Situated in an unspoiled environment near the charming Mya Pyin Village. The Amata Spa & Restaurant provides a high quality of services and a good quality food in a great place on Ngapali Beaches, next to Sandoway Spa.

These 38 classy deluxe rooms have a friendly, secluded Asian-style lounge, a quiet master suite and a fully fitted, contemporary bath room. Ask us for our latest promotions.

Ngapali - MYANMAR - Amata Resort & Spa

The Amata Ngapali Beach Spa & Beach resort extends along the coast of Ngapali Beach Myanmar. More than five hectares of tropic garden and luxurious accommodation in cabins, bamboos, cane and wicker, chalets and suits. A 400-metre long promenade flank the area. There is the Grand Cabana sea view, multi-storey bungalow with classic style of housing & cabana cottages, two-storey building with a cozy lounge.

It' a beautiful place and one of the best value for your investment. The rooms are beautiful, enchanting and the services are good.

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