Amara Beach Resort Ngapali Beach Myanmar

Ngapali Beach Myanmar Amara Beach Resort

It is the only beach hotel we have returned to in twelve years of holidays together. Amara Ocean Resort is located on the pristine beach of Ngapali, Burma´s, the most beautiful region of the Indian Ocean coast. Highschindwin Discovery - HS Ayarwaddy Discovery Les circuits proposés sont des circuits individuels avec l'Amara River Cruise. Ngapali Beach is Myanmar's top beach resort area along the Andaman Sea. In Thandwe, Myanmar:

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Amara Ocean's big plus is that it is off the beaten track of the hotel, all of which are situated together in the southern part of Thandwe Airport. Use the bumpier northern highway instead, where you will find a much better beach than those lining the southern part.

That' s what Amara is all about, an escapism above all. Three different types of bungalows are available - select between Beach Front and Sea Front, which are arranged in the line behind it. In the center of the resort you will find the major Asian and Mediterranean cuisine dining room, a lounge area, lounge, café and private area.

There is also a spas and a well-stocked lending area. All of them have a patio and either a bungalow with a sea view, which is located in the second line in the back, or a beach front bungalow, which offers the best view. The Amara Ocean Resort has a small spas, a master bath, a master dining room, a small lounge, a small TV lounge and a shop.

Situated in the northern part of Thandwe International Park, the Amara is situated on a separate beach section away from the touristic centre in the souths. The Sandoway Resort is a 45-minute fly from Yangon, followed by a 30-minute ride from Thandwe Air.

A further ideal stopover - review of Amara Ocean Resort, Ngapali, Myanmar

This is the place to be if you want a beach that is of course pristine right in front of your shed. The Amara Beach Resort is paradisiacal and ideal for relaxing. The resort's surroundings are quiet. A very large beach right in front of the door: this is what makes the place special. They' ve had managerial issues for the last two years, but the first developer of the resort is back.

He' ll do everything to satisfy the customers - because when you see him, he welcomes new customers within a single working days of their arrivals. Yes, the food was not always of high standard. You can' t afford it! However, the cost of food is what you find in similar hotels around the globe and in many major towns in Europe, without this unbelievable environment - gardens, palm trees, starry skies, seafront, noises?

However, there is another possibility: a small beach bar not even 5 min walk to the north, very clean fish/seafood and some other meals, very simple to reach, good value for money wines, enchanting cuisine. It is not a good resort for a family. There' s not much children's facilities and the general ambience of the resort will not reassure the family.

See my text "Bungalow types" Dear Cvxa, we are very appreciative that you have taken the opportunity to enter such a thorough evaluation, which we very much appreciate and are appreciative of all the proposals and feedbacks that we need to change and adapt to our improvement. We' d certainly do our best to enhance our service, to satisfy our customers and to have more and more regular customers like you.

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