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The ALONĀ® Optical Ceramic - An innovative, translucent, polycrystalline alloy.

Alon or aluminium oxynitride is an astonishing and singular high performance translucent high performance ceramics, which is polycristalline (made of powder) with a cubical spinel crystalline pattern. It is generally known in the public press and the Star Trek Fellowship as translucent aluminum. It took a lot of perseverance and love of detail to create such an ability, and a full engagement, because the ROI for new technological material is a gradual, insecure and meticulous undertaking.

Energy for innovation.

Alon, now part ofDelek US (NYSE: DK), is an autonomous refinery and oil product distributor focusing on growing and innovating to satisfy today's power and environment needs. There is a concerted efforts to exchange best practice and know-how between businesses through refinery, tarmac and retail/branding activities in the west and southern United States.

To all our clients, we offer outstanding value and services by drawing on our extensive expertise in merchandise, sales and technologies across all our businesses.

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Aluminium Oxy-Nitride is described in the Jack Reacher novel "Personal", page 416, by Lee Child. Alumina Nitride is also used in Jurassic World & Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom - a fictitious gyroscopic car used inside Jurassic World Parks to carry visitors through part of the Parks to interactively engage the Jurassic Dogs.

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