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You have 14917 useful shortcuts! on the fly..... in German only.

  • It' the biggest on-line library of papers, journals, radio and television channels, press offices and newsmagazines. - It offers hyperlinks to domestic and foreign papers, journals, news companies, as well as television and television channels. - Is the first resource for global messages and press releases from the most trustworthy companies in the world.

Would you like the best ad in any British domestic paper in one fell swoop? That'?75,000.

For the first publicity campaign, for the first reason, the top advertisement in every supraregional paper can be bought in one go in printed and on-line. One ad can advertise the first printed ad that comes out in the local paper and take over the home page of all the site headlines at the same press for one full working days and reaches 21 million adult customers across the UK.

Impact has The Times, Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, i, Daily Mail, Daily Express, The Sun, Daily Mirror, Daily Star, Metro, Evening Standard and the On-Line Only Independent making their inventories available. "It' really easy because it' s just a call," said Vanessa Clifford, CEO of Newsworks, the news publishing group.

Adult 2m over pressure and on-line at a rate of 2. 43 x in one single days, it has 51 meanings. However, News UK, the owners of The Sun and The Times, Telegraph Media Group and Guardian News & Media have created the Ozone Project, an ad distribution channel that will offer for the first in June 2018 combined ad space selling of their four publications' holdings of advertisements and publicity.

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