All Star Shoes Myanmar

All-Star Shoes Myanmar

Apartments, stilettos, leisure activities, parties, bags, slings, this shop has it all. Burmese people had always taken off shoes at all Buddhist pagodas. The comedian Zarganar and the star Kyaw Thu brought food and drink to the monks.

Rangoon now also a global fashion destination

Being expatriates in Myanmar, we are already accustomed to low rates, so why not also clothing, you try to see for yourself. The majority of them are situated in the city's premier shopping centres - Junction Square, Hledan Centre, Myanmar Plaza and Taw Win Centre. PS: Don't forget to get more Kieats than you think you need!

The price starts at 12.900 Kyat for a T-Shirt and from 30.000 Kyat for a gown or a Blouse. Giordano is a turntable for leisure clothing and is loved for men's and women's shirts and shirts, although formal-ish clothing is also available. There are also men's interior clothing, rucksacks for men without sexual intercourse and shop bags. Prizes begin at 15,000 kyat for a men's polo tee.

As another goal for both sexes Bossini offers a few more possibilities for girls than Giordano with print shirts and toppers. It'?s about 12,000 kyat to buy a T-shirt. Couple of pants made of jean cloth start at 80,000 Kyat. Burma may not have too many walking fans, but the Timberland stores have several trailshoes for men and woman.

The walking boot starts at 165,000 kyat. Prizes begin at 38,000 kyat for a T-shirt and 65,000 kyat for a couple of men's bathing trunks. The Nichii is a great place to buy most kinds of women's clothes. Recreational dresses cost 12,000 Kyat, while gowns can cost up to 100,000 Kyat.

A shirt costs more than 75,000 Kyat. Charlie & Keith is known for fashionable shoes and bags for the woman. Apartments, stylettos, leisure activities, parties, bags, lifting straps, this shop has it all. The shoes begin at 45,000 kyat for a couple. Men's shoes are over 125,000 Kyat, while women's shoes are over 100,000 Kyat.

The Pedro has a mixture of trendy pockets and shoes: lifting straps, pockets, handbags, handles, purses, dancing shoes, high heels and high heels. We also have shoes and messenger bags for men. 1 handbag can be about 75,000 to 80,000 Kyat, while women's shoes begin at 85,000 Kyat and men's shoes at 100,000 Kyat. Your rucksacks are 28,500 Kyat, while your shoes are 23,000 Kyat.

Check out Havaianas first to get a couple (or more) of cool-looking flip-flops. Prizes begin at 18,000 Kyat. Burma is a flip-flop carrying country, so there are many slippers makes. 13,800 Kyat for flip-flops. Prizes begin with 55,000 Kieats for flip-flop style or 70,000 Kieats for a couple of women's shoes.

Prizes begin at 43,000 Kyat for a set of trainers. The Bata brand offers a wide variety of shoes (casual, athletic, formal) from different makes for both sexes - Bata, North Star, Marie Claire and even Weinbrenner. Rates are variable and generally begin at 35,000 kyat for a relaxed couple. Rag & Denim is another occasional fashion outlet with T-shirts, short and denim, while The Avenue is the retail outlet for Hugo Boss and BCBG Max Azria branded event rugs.

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